Sunday, March 2, 2014

Maybelline New York Diamond Glow Eye Shadow -Gray Pink : Review

Hi everyone!

Every girl wants to look good always but in a pocket friendly way. We all want to have products which make us look good, does its work and yet which is budget friendly.

Today I have one such Budget eyeshadow from the Maybelline New York kitty. It is an eye shadow quad which means you pay for one and get four at a time Superrr!!

It is the Maybelline New York Diamond Glow Eye Shadow in Gray Pink.

Every Girl wants to highlight their eyes and wants to look gorgeous. This eye shadow has four shadows. One for highlighting, one to use on the crease, one on the lid and the other at the corners and lash line. It is a complete package towards a great eye do-up.

The Price of the eye shadow quad is INR 475.

It comes in four shades as you can see- starting from left to right - a silver white shiny shade, sparkly pink, shimmery grayish silver and sparky shimmery black.

If you notice, you can see all the shades are full of shimmer and is chalky. There is a lot of fall offs when I try applying it.

The white silver is for highlighting brow bones, inner corners, pink is for the eye lid, the gray is for the crease and the black can be used on the lash lines and outer corners. It has well specified at the back of the pack.

The pay off the shadow is decent with a wear time of 3-4 hrs maximum. After that it starts to fade. Try Use a primer base, it might then stay a bit longer I hope. Well, at this price I think it is good to go. But I wish Maybelline had given a thought on the pigmentation more.

It is not highly pigmented nor it is under pigmented. It is just Ok.

Also, I feel this particular quad is not great for dusky beauties. It has all shimmers and sparkles. This might suit the fair skin beauties.

Also, I am not happy with the brush that comes along. It is not a professional brush at all. Every time I try using it it seems the sponge will come out. :(


Hi Fivez

1. Four shadows at one go
2. Budget product
3. Available everywhere
4. Ok pigmentation
5. Ok Wear time

Low Fivez

1. Sparky and shimmery
2. Not for dusky tone
3. Brush not good
4. Chalky and fall offs
5. Wish the pigmentation was more


3 out of 5

Re Purchase

I would try the Copper Brown eye shadow from the range

Have you used Maybelline Diamond Glow Eye shadow? Please comment below...