Monday, March 10, 2014

Olay Total Effects Cream + Serum Duo: Review

Hi Everyone!

The product I am reviewing today has a story to it. Although the product is a sheer genius in its field but the story behind procuring it, is the worst thing that could happen to me :(

Last December on my birthday I suddenly realized that I am no longer being considered in the teen-age family and I am kind of ageing and my age has increased by 1 year :(  I hate growing up. And then the alarm rang. I need to take care of my skin and have to do something to stop the wrinkles and fine lines appearing on my skin in the near future. I know I was very stupid to think so, women uses these products when they are approaching 30 , and I am quite distant to that age. But still I cannot take chances you know :P

So then My hunt began and I got hold of this one - Olay Total Effects Cream + Serum Duo. It is a 7 in 1 anti ageing cream with SPF 15.

The smaller bottle that I bought was priced at INR 369 for 20 gm. I am using it since January and I have still so much left to use. So I would advice all to get the small bottle, it is a good quantity against the money.

Product Description

It says it fights 7 signs of ageing and gives visibly younger looking skin. Reduces Fine lines and wrinkles, Evens out skin tone, Reduces age spots, Smoothes Uneven texture, decreases dullness and dryness and minimizes pores.

My Experience

Yes all of the above is true. I am religiously using it everyday before I go to work and trust me it had made my skin look fresh and young than before. I cannot vouch for the fine lines and wrinkle part as I do not have any of those as of now, but I am sure it would stand tall to that claim also.

It is actually a blend of cream and serum so it does not makes my skin too oily or unnecessarily creates oil imbalance of my skin. I use it as a moisturizer base before I put up my makeup. It having SPF also acts as an advantage to me as I do not have to use a sunscreen. Unlike Other sunscreen lotions it does not leaves a white cast on my face.

It is a day cream duo, so I do not use it in the night. I am very happy with its performance and I am now so addicted and used to it that I am not going to let it go ever.

The interesting and best part is its packaging. It comes in a transparent bottle with a nozzle and a transparent cap. I can see the mix of white and beige product inside. One fine day I saw that the bottom of the bottle is empty transparent and the product is hanging on the top. I felt that a suction has happened and the cream went up. I thought did I pay for an empty bottle with so little product? Then few days later I saw the cream went up higher. Then I realized, as the cream is getting used up, the cream container is going up and one day the bottle will be empty  :P  (interesting)

However, I completely recommend using this product to all girls who thinks the day has come to use anti ageing products :P

Hi Fivez

1. does whatever it claims
2. Not so much Pocket pinching
3.Contains SPF
4. Does not make the face oily
5. leaves no white cast
6. Travel friendly pack

Low Fivez

1. Nothing can I think of as of now :)



5 out of 5

Re Purchase?

Yes Through out my life

You can buy the product  HERE

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