Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream in 01 Nude: Review & Swatches

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Its been a year that I am using this product which is actually my first BB cream and which is actually kind of cool!

People and bloggers all over the world and India have written a lot about the product , and after finishing up 3 tubes I am here to share my views on it :P I am late you are saying? So what, it is always good to go back to basics right!!  *wink wink*

So here I am with the Maybelline New York Clear Glow Bright Benefit (BB) Cream.

There are so many BB creams in the market, and trust me although being in the same industry and working on a cosmetic brand, I still have not figured out what does BB actually stands for. Some call it Bright Benefit, some Beauty Balm, some Blemish Balm and what not. Pheww!!

Anyway Whats in a name right! I should concentrate on the work it does to my skin.

According to Maybelline it is bright benefit cream which is a moisturizer along with a bit of tint and has micro minerals. It is a 8-in-1 Skin transformer what they say. It evens out skin tone, brightens, protects , hydrates, freshen, smoothes, clarifies and conceals.It also has SPF 21.

It is priced at INR 199. Well the price is good. But if you compare with the amount of product Garnier BB cream has with the same price point, Maybelline one is a little disappointing. (a lil haan).


Well as far as my experience goes, I am in total love with the BB cream. This is my 4th tube and I love every bit of it. It is not heavy on my skin, and it definitely works as a light foundation during day time. I had also once stopped using Sunscreen as this one was good enough a cream which comes with SPF 21.

It conceals my little under eye flaws, and covers it. I am not sure of the brightening part though. It definitely was not dry and was quite a bit moisturizing but yes in winters I need a face lotion before using this.

As far as the shade is concerned, it comes in 3 shades. Nude suits me the most. It matches my skin tone and does not look cakey or fake at all. It just blends with my skin very well. Nude is one such shade which is a close match to a skin color.

The texture of the cream is not runny at all and it gives quite an impressive coverage to my face. All in all I am happy with this BB. It is cheap, it is easily available and it does what it claims. Totally Recommended!

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Hi Fivez

  • Decent Price
  • Availability ( Buy it from HERE)
  • Hydrates & Moisturizes
  • Has SPF 21
  • works as a light concealer too
  • Evens out skin tone too
  • Moderate coverage
  • too travel friendly packaging

Low Fivez

  • In winters, have to use moisturizer or lotion
  • Rest all is good to go for me!


5 out 5

Re Purchase?

As this is my 4th tube you can well understand :D

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Have you tried the Maybelline BB Cream? Share your comments below....