Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Introducing Vegetarian Shop- an Initiative for cruelty free shopping in India

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So I am back after my Holi Holidays in Kolkata. I feel so drained out. After I came back I had to ramp up with all my pending works and had little time to give to my blog. But now I am back with full  power. And also I have been nominated for the Liebstar Award by sweet lil Shreoshe...So a double power !!  :D

Today I am going to bring out some major issues infront of you and a quick solution to it. Here I am introducing an e-shopping site It is an initiative by handful of good soul to save the       innocent animals from being tested upon. It claims to be cruelty free shopping destination which is 100% Vegetarian. It does not manufacture products but endorses and sells brands that are against animal testing and are vegetarian.

About the Company

Few friends with strong professional background and from different fields of life came together to join hands for this initiative. They thought there are no dedicated vegetarian shop in India and also ayurvedic and organic shops are not 100% vegetarian. Then they came to know about how the animal testing is done on poor innocent animals, and then they decided that they would bring in a revolution where they would endorse brands to people which are not only vegetarian but also cruelty free.

Thus started the online portal , a retail show place in Mumbai and an option to sell by telephonic orders too

The company started its operation on 25th August 2013 and is a service from Vegetarian Shop Pvt. Ltd.

Their Call-n-Order Number is 022-25600400, and their products ranges from Cosmetics, Personal Care, Home Care, Baby Care, Washing Care, Stationery, Jewellery, Non Leather Footwear, Accessories and much more...

They deliver products across India and have own logistics for Mumbai for faster and effective delivery and customer satisfaction. They have also started a monthly kit of 100% vegetarian and cruelty free Household products for Mumbai people.

Their few mantras of doing good to the society are listed below:

- People may be vegetarian or non-vegetarian by their eating habits because of their own belief, religion, health or taste reason, but one can always adopt a cruelty free lifestyle by taking care of products one uses.

- All organic/ayurvedic/natural/eco friendly products need not be vegetarian/cruelty free.

- At vegetarian shop, we promote products which are totally cruelty free, without any animal ingredient and not tested on animal.

- It is also a myth that cruelty free products means expensive, at, you will find a range of products from different catagories with a wide price range which suits every family.

- We do a lot of research and adding new products at regular intervals.

- We would like to pass on the message that there are products like bathing soap, detergent powder, toothpaste, cleaners, etc which may contain animal based ingredients, so one should think about it.

- Our message is that you visit, register yourself and order products which you are using regularly from our range of brands. Use it, feel it and than decide if it is not compromising in terms of your preference, liking, budget and aesthetics, than continue use it and recommend others to use the same. We are having a range of products which you use/refill every month, so basically we suggest to switch the brand and go cruelty free.

- We provide free home delivery across India for orders worth of Rs. 250 or more. 

- We provide cash on delivery also in the city of Mumbai. In case someone would like to place an order on phone, we accept that too. 

- We would like to make life easier for everyone and encouraging a compassionate lifestyle.

Some of the products were sent to me as samples which are endorsed and sold by the merchant. Will review each of them soon.

Azafran Orange Body Wash

Puro Body & Soul Face Moisturizer

Khandige Brahmo Hair Oil

Puro Orange Fanta Lip Balm, Neev Almond Rose Soap, Rustic Art Hadmade Soap

Sattvik Organic Mint Magic Cleanser

Lass Natural Henna Herbal Powder

What do you think about vegetarian shop? Share your comments below.....

*PR samples sent by the merchant