Saturday, March 8, 2014

EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint : Review

Hi Everybody!

So what are your plans for Women's Day? I am busy packing my bags as I am visiting my parents in Kolkata this Holi! Yayieeee! I seriously need a break from work. It seems its been ages I have seen the oldie goldie couple :P and my brother who is supposedly giving his 10th board exam :O

Today I am reviewing one such product which  was a secret gift by my colleague Anupriya! Thanks Babes! Only you knew how much I craved for it - The world famous and raved about EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint flavor.

You see this lip balm is not available in India and no online portal stocks it. Disheartening I know! I was craving for this product since I came to know about it. One fine morning When I entered office I saw a small "egg shaped  dibbi" kept on my laptop. When I went near I jumped out of Joy. It was my dream lip balm :D (Ok ok I will stop being dramatic). I asked everyone that who kept it for me. Then this sweet young girl who sits just opposite to me gave me that mystery glance and I understood it is she who is my secret santa. Love you babes!

EOS is an abbreviation of the word Evolution of Smooth. They have very little range of skincare products ranging from lip balms to hand and body lotions, shaving cream for men and some limited edition products. And all their products are like world famous and they have performance to die for.

The EOS lip balm in sweet mint is priced at $ 3.29 and has 6 more flavors to it.

It is 95% organic and 100% natural product.It is also paraben and petroleum free, Has shea butter , jojoba oil and vitamin E and yes Glutten free ( I am not allergic to wheat products though)

It is not at all a heavy on lips product with no tint in it. One can wear it both in the morning and at night. Infact I even where it under my lipsticks as well. It is not a winter specific product and can be worn both in summers and winters :D

It has the effect of mint and gives a slight plumping effect with the sensation of strong mint after application.

I am stunned at its performance honestly. Such a sheer coverage balm and it makes my lips utter smooth. and if by chance I exfoliate my lips and then apply it, the day after my lips feel so soft and smooth.

The best thing I like about it is the packaging. It is almost an egg shape balm with round balm bullet with a click and shut twist off cap. Just roll on the balm over the lips and you are done! Instantly!

I just hope I get hold more of the other flavors and other products from the family.


100 out of 10  :P

Re purchase?


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