Sunday, January 19, 2014

Deborah Milano 24ORE Perfect Foundation - 03 Caramel Beige

Hi all the lovely ladies !

It's been a while I was looking for a daily wear foundation which I can wear it for my work and ofcourse which is less expensive. I was honestly looking for the Maybelline foundation as it is comparatively cheap. But damn the store, the tester was available but not the sealed product huh!

Anyway after doing some "idhar udhar" around the store I went to the Deborah counter, though I had searched for the same foundation online , but it was expensive in compare to the purpose of my getting a foundation.

But to my surprise the store was on SALE and I got a huge discount.

So lured by the discounted price I got the Deborah Milano 24 ORE Perfect Foundation in the shade 03 Caramel Beige.

Product Description

Foundation with a silky texture for a sheer, velvetty smooth finish. Formulated with power stay compex for amazingly long wear without touch-ups. Beat shine without creating a masky effect. Suitable for all skin types. SPF 10. Hypoallergenic.


It was INR 1020 but I got it for INR 800


It comes in a transparent glass bottle with a transparent cap and beneath that there is black pump cap with nozzle. From there exact amount of foundation comes out. So no wastage.

My Experience.

Every bit of the claims of the product is true. Since I use it for office and have to attend meetings through out and some times long nights in the office, the foundation does not fades. It stays intact God knows for how many long hours.

It gives a medium coverage and does not makes a cast on my face so much so that none of my colleague can spot that I am wearing a foundation. It looks like my natural skin with a glow and without any spots on my face. It is absolutely shine free. But yes I use a compact to settle the foundation and increase the longetivity of the shine free property.

A little bit of the product goes a long way. I just take a pea size amount on my palm and it covers my whole face. In my swatch I have taken too much of the amount. Trust me it is like a moisturizer and needs only a pea size. I am amazed.

It goes on and on for long hours. blending is super easy and it just gets absorbed in my skin and feel so natural. It is a true match to my skin. and I am sure the lesser the amount it takes , the product will go a long way and I will not feel that my pocket has been taxed. :D


My Actual Skin

Hi Fivez
1. Easy availability
2. Good for daily wear
3. No cakey or masky feel
4. Little amount does the work
5. Good packaging, No wastage
6. Travel friendly
7. Matte and Shine free
8. No touch ups
9. Smoothness
10. Gets absorbed into skin easily

Low Fivez

1. Lesser SPF
2. Not sure about the moisturizing property of it. I usually use a moisturizer beneath.
3. Pocket heavy


4.75/5 (.25 minus because of lesser SPF. Wish it had more as in for Indian Summers so that I did not have to use moisturizers and sun screen beneath)


Yes, but once the currently bottle gets over :P

Let me know what foundation you use for daily wear