Sunday, January 12, 2014


A very Happy New Year to all of you...

My 2014 To-Do List is just swamped with so many resolutions and targets I have set for myself and its only the beginning of the year and I am juggling to justify all those..But I am sure I will do all of them...yahaayyy!!

Anyway lets come to the main "mudda" now. Working in an advertising agency gives me us a lot of information from the world of creativity , color and etc. We get to know things much before than the world.

So when the PANTONE color of 2014 was declared, I was happy that atleast now I can share it with all my fellows..

The Pantone color of the year 2014 isssssssss- RADIANT ORCHID...tadaaaa!!

Actually by this time everybody came to know , I am a bit late actually..  :(

So you might be wondering what is a PANTONE ?

Well the answer to that is Pantone is a system of matching the exact colors, generally used in printing technology. The Pantone Inc gives out shade cards with numbers mentioned on it and the colors are matched  by referring to that shade card.

If I am not wrong the Pantone Inc. had started declaring the color of the year since 1999..since then every year they come up with one unique color for the year. The color is generally picked up by forecasting industry trends, popular color used in fashion industry, cosmetics, printing, fabrics and what not....

RADIANT ORCHID is a bright nice purple color. I feel it is just awesomely just looks like my black current ice cream (yeeeeeee.....well it is much more radiant than the black current).

So babes just rock the floor with lovely orchid eyeshadows, purses, wallets, dresses, high heels, ear studs....yooooooo

*All Images are taken from and google.

Do you like the color of the year? Do let me know....