Monday, January 13, 2014


Heyya Lovelies..

Hmmmm well by seeing the header you all must be wondering "babe we all know how to do makeup..why this now?"

I have been thinking to do this post since a long time. Trust me there are people who are still ignorant about the right steps to do makeup. I have seen my friends, who are so busy in work that neither they have inclination to do makeup and nor they know the exact can I see that? how how how?  :P

Step 1:

Cleansing, Toning Moisturizing. Yes this is a must do process. Not only before going to bed, or after removing makeup but before applying makeup too. Cleanser removes all the dirts and impurity from your face, toner  tightens your pores and minimize the chances of breakouts because you are going to use loads of makeup on your face :D. Do apply moisturizer after that, it hydrates and moisturizes your skin and I personally feel it gives a certain amount of glow to your face.

Step 2:

Primer. People are ignorant about the function of a primer and generally I have seen very few people using a face and an eye primer. But dear all, to make your makeup lasts for a longer time you need to apply primer on your face. It makes your face velvety soft and there after is becomes easy to apply rest of the products. In the market, there are different primers available for eyes and face, but I use a single one for both. It gives the same result only.

Step 3:

Concealer. We all know concealer is a very important part of facial makeup. It hides imperfections, dark circles, spots, and what not. Please use a concealer which is a close match of your skin color or else you will look like a ghost with white patch (ehhhhhh!)

Step 4:

Foundation. we all know foundation is the foundation of makeup (hehe what a nonsense rhyme it was). choose a water based one for oily skin and moisturizing one for dry skin. And yes one with has SPF and blend it well. the foundation should also be matching to your skin so that it does not leaves a white cast on your face. I have seen people using foundation lighter than their skin color. They do not understand that that is not how one looks flawless. The one which matches with your face makes you look natural and beautiful.

Step 5:

Powder. To last your foundation more, and to set it you have to use a compact or a loose powder. Use a matte powder, it is in the trend babe :D

Step 6:

Lipstick/ Lipgloss. Dab your favorite lipstick on to your lips. If you are a lipgloss person then you can use it too. But yes before filling in your lips do scrub your lips religiously. Or else a chapped lips does not look nice as you all know and yes lipstick will settle down in the fine lines.

Step 7:

Lip Liner. Well some people use lip liner at first and then lipstick. But I generally prefer to use liner afterwards as it helps me to line the lips perfectly in case some of the lipstick goes out of the corners.

Step 8:

Eye Shadow. You have prepped our eyes with the primer at first and had dabbed powder. Now you can dab your favorite eyeshadow. There are people who do their eyes first and then lips but I always prefer doing my lips first because, then I can measure how much amount of eye makeup do I need to do so that I do not over do my face and I look like someone from the circus.

Step 9:

Eye liner / Kajal. Line your eye lids with eye liner and the lower lines with kajal.

Step 10:

Mascara. Roll up your mascara on the lashes and extend it to make it look longer.

And you are ready to set the floor on fire.

I hope this post will help all the young makeup users. Do let me know how useful it was to you.

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