Thursday, January 16, 2014

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) - Olive Oil Lip Scrubber for Silky Smooth Lips

All the lovely birds out there...Heyaaaa!!

Today in my DIY post I am going to write about one very basic and regular way of Lip scrubbing. This is one such scrubber which I am sure every blogger, beauty enthusiast and almost all mom, dadis and nanis know  and they do it religiously.

As I said earlier also, it is my very first few months into blogging and I would rather stick to basic things for those ladies who are beginners in beauty and makeup category. They have all the right to know how to take care of their skin which are easy and basic.

Today's DIY post is about a naturally made lip scrubber with Olive Oil and Sugar.

I am Sure, everybody has an easy access to these two things in their Kitchen and they have to spend only a few minutes on this and at the end of it, they will get wonderful shiny smooth lips.

Why do we need to scrub our lips?

Lips , as we all know are made up of very thin skin and is very delicate and soft. Like our facial and body skin, lips also has dead skin cells. If not been exfoliated in time, it would result in cracked lips, chapped lips, roughness and even sometimes the lips become black. The natural shine, texture and color of the lip goes out if not taken care of. Thus, it is very necessary to give a breathing space to our lips.

Their are ample of lip scrubbing products in the market, which are obviously expensive. You can now exfoliate your lips naturally with homemade ingredients.

One should ideally scrub lips 3 times a week.

Step 1:

Take 2 teaspoon sugar in a bowl

Step 2:

Take Olive Oil. I have taken extra virgin olive oil as I have that in my kitchen. You can use any form of Olive oil, Pomace/ extra virgin/ Virgin/ Light Olive Oil.

Step 3:

Mix both of them.

Step 4:

Now here you can do two can take a bit of the mixture and put it on your lips and start scrubbing  your lips with the sugar oil mixture or you can take an old brush which you are not using , dip it into the mixture and use it on your lips in a horizontal manner but very slowly for 4-5 mins. Do not ever scrub your lips in a rough way as the sugar might cut your soft lips.

Step 4:

Rinse and Pat dry. And you are done girl.

You can visibly see a glowing , soft lips which is silky smooth to touch.

Well, you can also add some magic product to it...milk cream/ honey for better results.Also, if you are a lipstick and lipgloss person and regularly use these, scrubbing reduces the chance of getting your lips getting dark and black :D  (scrubbing is magic guysss)

Do you scrub your lips religiously? How do you do it? Let me know....

*The sugar lips images are from google and not from any blogger's site.