Saturday, January 25, 2014

Blusher V/S bronzer : A difference

What a day it was!

All I am not referring to any activity. When ever I get a chance to shop cosmetics I have supaa it for myself or for work purpose.

Yes babes I buy cosmetics for work purpose also. Since I am into advertising I work on a cosmetic brand too...isn't it great?

What ever I bought so many BB and CC creams today for my work and guess what I applied each one of them. And I also helped my colleagues wear some. I was like the supaa expert in the office. Or you can term it as beauty assistant doing swatches on the wrists of other girls. hahahaha!! Wish I could bring back home all those :(

Focus Focus!

So today I thought of educating you...yes you heard it right EDUCATION. Educating you all on what is the difference between a BLUSHER & a BRONZER

I know some of you already know , but the maximum number of people (when I say people that means girls) are still confused on what is the difference and how can they be applied.
I have seen ladies going to the store to buy blush , but under the influence of the pushy SAs or BAs they come out with a bronzer thinking both are same and will do the same job.

Not any more ladies. I will give you the answers to it...

Blush: Well it is used to give the apple of your cheeks a natural pinkish glow and a red flush effect.Blush comes in different shades ranging from Pink, orange, plum. Blushes are used to bring out the cheekbones.

Bronzer:  It is generally used to give your skin a sun tan look and yes sometimes it is also used to contour your face wherein the main features of your face is highlighted. Bronzer generally comes in brown shades. Bronzers are applied in other areas of the face as in forehead, Nose, beneath the cheek. The main purpose of the bronzer is to add an overall glow to the face. It is used in areas to mimic the look of the natural tan where the sun would hit. A bronzer is applied to bring out a person's natural angles and often provide a slimming effect.

In which order one should use both?

First use the bronzer and then blush. Use bronzer slightly under the cheekbone to contour, may be a little on top of cheekbone, a soft one on the forehead and on the T of the nose.

Then you can add blush to the cheekbone

Can they be used together?

Yes, applying together can give the face a natural finish.

Which one is better - a matte bronzer or a shimmer?

You should use matte bronzer for contouring and shimmer bronzer to give a glamour to the face.

Which one is better - cream blush or powder blush?

Cream blush gives a soft natural glow with a dewy flush finish but the staying power is not that good.
Powder blush gives a budge proof look.

Have a look how a blush is applied.

Have a look how a bronzer is applied

Let me know which how do you use bronzer and blusher...

*I am not a trained makeup expert. Some thoughts are completely mine and some are researched based. All images are taken from google but not from any personal blog.