Monday, January 27, 2014

Lass Naturals Pomegranate & Grapes Soap Free Face Wash

Believe me Ladies!

This is one such brand that I simply adore and just love- Lass Naturals

The day I have started using their products, I just could not get enough of it. From lip balms to hair oils to shampoo to face wash to Lotions everything is just a wow product.

Today I have a wonder Face wash which has become my love now- the Pomegranate and Grape Face wash with scrub.

There are so many products in the market which claim to have cleansing and scrubbing properties in a single product. This one stands tall to that claim.

Product Description

1. Face wash with scrub
2. Exfoliation & Age reversal
3. Paraben , SLES & Pathalets Free
4. 100% soap free, mild foaming face wash
5. Leaves skin smooth and glowing
6. Pomegranate works as anti ageing and revitalizes skin and grapes unclogs pore, gently exfoliates and removes dead cells and black heads
7. Leaves a layer of protection on skin, protection from pollution and gives a moisturizing effect


INR 105 for 100 gm.


All Natural & Ayurvedic

My Experience

This face wash comes in a tubular packaging with flip open cap. The pack is sweet pink in color. The product inside is again pink in color which has soft white beads which are supposed to be the granules for scrubbing. The smell is so mild and tempting that I once felt to gulp it down like an Ice- Cream. :D

When applied on skin, the smell goes and I can feel the white beads effect of mild scrubbing on the skin. It feels as if little pomegranate is bursting on my skin. (hehheh)

The product is more like gel than a runny liquid. A pea size amount of the face wash does the work. And thus my product stays for long and long. Once I tried opening my eyes in between and it did not burn my eyes. That is so cool!

I have used it in summers as well as in winters. It actually does not rip off the moisture from the face. In winter when the skin tends to dry, my skin was super soft with no flakes on my face. It is justt soooo supaa amazingly wonderful. I feel I have applied some balm on my face. It is that good.

I have seen it removing my makeup too. That is even more greater.

As far as the scrubbing part is concerned, it does a mild scrubbing for everyday use. As we all know we can scrub our face twice or maximum thrice a week, we can use this product which actually is so mild as a scrubber that it does not harm our facial skin.

In short I have no bad to talk about the product. It is a complete winner. And I feel I am going to use it for life  :D

Hi Fivez

1. Everything - from price to features to makeup removing effect to scrubbing and what not

Low Fivez

1. No physical store. One has to order online from their website
2. Not apt for strong scrubbing



10 out of 5 (hehe)

Re purchase

Ofcourse  all my life

Have you used Lass Naturals Face Wash? Let me know....