Sunday, March 30, 2014

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner - 36 Hr formula : Review, Price, Swatch

Hi Everyone!

Does it happen to everybody that you think you will do all sorts of pending work during weekends and then in the weekends you just feel you could relax through out and not do any work?  :(

I had so many reviews to put up but somehow work takes a toll on me during weekdays and I sleep through out weekend :P

Anyway today our star product for review is The Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner - 36 Hour formula.

I was supposed to get this gel eyeliner way before when it had a 24 hr formulation but then I got to know that soon the new formulation was supposed to hit the market, so I refrained back and decided to wait for sometime. Then I got this one and this one is my first gel eyeliner.


It is priced at INR 450. You can buy it HERE

My Experience

It is my first gel eyeliner and at first it was a little uncomfortable for me to line my eyes but I got used to it now. It comes with a liner brush which seems a good one and till now no bristles fell off  after repeated washes.

The texture of the gel is smooth and it glides very easily on the lids. It is a genuine blackity black color and stays on like forever. Very rightly pitched at transfer-proof , smudge-proof and water-proof.

It does not go off even after putting it under running water. :D

I just hope it does not dries up soon. One can easily line her eyes with it and I am sure it will be apt for doing a great winged eyeliner. :D

The pigmentation is great as you can see in my EOTD below. It does not even bother my eyes and is safe to use.

I will just crib about one thing...I mean the price placed against the quantity I get in that small tub is just not perfect. :(


Hi Fivez

1. Great pigmentation
2. Stays on forever
3. transfer, water and smudge proof
4. Darkest black all I can say
5. Smooth application

Low Fivez

1. The Price



5 out of 5

Re Purchase?


Have you used Maybelline Gel eyeliner? share your comments below....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

L’oreal Paris True Match Mineral Powder Foundation: Review, Price


Heloo Gals.

I’m back and toady  I am going to write about another very interesting product which  many people are aware of.

Today’s star is L’oreal Paris True match mineral powder foundation. 

Discovering the product was a funny event. Back in 2011, on one gloomy day, I finally gave in to believe that there’s nothing on this earth which can control the piggy sweat on my face.  With a heavy heart I was striding past cosmetic stalls inside a mall and  its then when  this magician caught my eyes. I quickly asked for a demo from one of the “so-called” beauty assistants.  The moment I opened my eyes, I felt like those picture perfect models or actress. It has become my bestie for two years now.

About the product:

My shade is D5.W5 Golden Sand, perfectly suited for dusky beauties like me :P. Its bang on for wheatish skin tones too. The product is for all skin types, even sensitive!

It claims to contain 95% minerals with no perfumes and no preservatives. It is oil-free and non-comedogenic (which means it doesn’t cause blackheads to appear by blocking the pores of the skin). The icing on the cake is the presence of SPF 15.


The foundation comes in a very smart and plump plastic jar though small in size. It has three parts to its packaging. First, the bottom container carrying the powder make up which have small holes on top to let the power step out. Second, a screw-on lid with an attached applicator brush. Third, (and it’s the last one guys:P) the transparent on-top lid to cover the brush.


It’s a fat brush with densely packed bristles. It has a soft finishing and actually helps you to apply on the face evenly. It is not the best make-up brush one can buy, but I can assure you that it’s a boon for people who keep on their toes all the time or are frequent travelers.

One should be careful enough while putting the top lid on which when wrongly put can hurt the soft hairs of the brush. Even if you are in hurry , just hold all the bristles with the grip of your palm and then put the lid with the other hand.

My Experience-

 I always apply it over my medicated sunscreen. After about 5 minutes of application of the sunscreen, once it gets absorbed, I put the foundation on. It quickly gives a shine on my face and gradually once it gets settles evenly, it gives a matte look without an over done impression. It camouflages all my uneven patches and even under eye dark circles. As I dislike the painted make-up look, one quick swipe all over, is enough for the daily use. On occasions where you want to look like a queen, just swipe it twice and use some concealer underneath it.  Use the brush well for the finest blend or else your face will turn out to be blotchy and will give a cakey look.

A gentle reminder for all of you, its not the normal loose powder, it’s quite thick and you need to use it carefully so that you do not paint you dress with it because  could be very tough to remove it from the dress and will leave patches on them.

It works well even if I spend hours travelling out in the sun. It doesn’t sweep off easily while constantly battling with my sweat in summers. It has controlled my profuse sweat and even redness on my face due to heat and pollution. Its travel friendly but try to place it straight inside your bag, or else due to movements, the powder comes out in heavy amount and when you open the screw-on lid, you loose much of it which will give you a mini heart attack because it doesn’t come cheap. Also, never open it when you are standing under a fan, mini heart-attack will follow again :D

Me Post Application :D


 It burns a hole in your pocket as you need to shell out Rs.1290 INR but all I can say is, if used in small quantity it lasts for solid 4-5 months.

Quick praises for my bestie

1. Easily available
2. It gives a nice sheen to your face without making it too painted
3. 95% mineral content
4. No itchy feeling
5. No fragrance
6. Contains SPF 15
7. Staying power for 8-10 hours
8. Sweat proof to a great extent
9. Camouflage blemishes to dark circles with ease
10. Excellent packaging
11. Last but not the least, the free applicator which will bring a wide beam to your face

There’s nothing I can complain of. I can bet no one will complain about the price once they start using it.


Bare Hands before application

Hands after application


5 out of 5

Have you used L'oreal True Match Mineral Powder Foundation? Share your comments below..

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NYX Single Eye Shadow in Copper : Review , Swatch, Price, EOTD

Hi Everyone,

Seriously what is wrong with Delhi's weather? Sometimes it is hot and the next day it is raining :(

Anyway I am falling short of my reviews in comparison to the number of products I have :P

Till date I have not reviewed a mono eye shadow in my blog. So today I have brought to you an Eye Shadow from the international brand NYX - the NYX Single Eye Shadow in Copper shade.

NYX is said to have some of the world's best products and that too in a super affordable prices. Till some time ago it was not available in India, But thanks to Sephora and also some online portals, we can now buy NYX in India too *super grin*


It is priced at INR 375, but I got it for INR 300. You can buy it HERE

My Experience

I got this eyeshadow when there was this GOSF sale going on. And I am proud that I have made no mistake by purchasing the product. I am super thankful to myself :D

Actually I was super drawn by the magnificent super rich copper color and I just wanted it anyhow. The stocks were limited and I just had to buy it.

It is a bright copper color which is highly pigmented and has shimmer in it. One can easily wear it to work too and also wear it to parties. The best part is it can be worn in a nude makeup combination too if blended properly and used it right quantity.

The eye shadow stays on my eye lids for a good 9 hours without a primer :D So just imagine with a primer what wonders will it make.

The packaging is also very handy and easily can be put into your bag for long or short travels.

Wish it had a brush to it. But I can live with that! :)



Hi Fivez

1. Affordable
2. Rich Pigmentation
3. Great staying power
4. Very Handy
5. Can be worn both day & night time

Low Fivez

1. Only one - available only online and Sephora outlets (which is only present in Delhi as of now)


5 out of 5

Re Purchase?

For sure and also I am getting more colors for the shadow.

Have you used NYX Eye Shadow? Share your comments below...

Monday, March 24, 2014

Victoria's Secret Sheer Love Hydrating Body Lotion : Review, Price

Hi Everyone,

There is a great news for you all. Very Soon I am going to announce a giveaway for all you lovely ladies. Well I thought the bengali new year is approaching soon, and my Facebook likes soon to reach 100. So why not a giveaway right? :D

I am sure you have all heard about the luxury lingerie brand Victoria's Secret and you are all aware of the high profile parties the brand holds every year and the whos who of the Hollywood attend these parties. Anyway lets not talk about parties, the main thing is today I am going to review a body lotion from the brand - Victoria's Secret Sheer Love White Cotton & Pink Lily Hydrating Body lotion.

The Bottle I got was of 60 ML and it was priced at INR 500 but I got it in the Flipkart Slash Sale in INR 299. What a steal! :D

Have any of you had a chance to smell the fragrance of Lily? The lotion has the same fragrance. Which ofcourse does not linger for long post application. The Lotion has a faint pink color to it which I simply adore.

The lotion is quite hydrating and does provide moisturization to my skin. It is not sticky at all. The lotion is water based which makes it light and not oily at all and I think it will fare well during summers also.

However, there is a substantial amount of Paraben in it.

It has a tick tock cap and is very travel friendly.

All in all it is a modest product to use.

Have you used Victoria's Secret Body Lotion? share your comments below...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Exclusive Screening of Sunsilk Real FM by Anurag Basu at Tivoli Daffodils, Delhi in association with Indibloggers #SunsilkRealFm

Hi everyone,

Today I was watching comedy nights with Kapil, what is wrong with Ekta Kapoor man? what horrendous things she was wearing pink and yellow? did u notice her shoes? and why was she standing with one hand on her waist like a model? (Ofcourse she was looking funny). And Sunny Leone, OMG she is undoubtedly beautiful and her face is very innocent I must admit (Our Baby doll :P)

Anyway coming to the main thing, Sunsilk in association with Indiblogger had arranged a special screening for all bloggers like us of the new film produced by MTV Films - Sunsilk Real FM.

 It is an Anurag Basu film directed by Akarsh Khurana. The event was held at Mumbai and Delhi on the same day and at the same time simultaneously and I was invited by the Indibloggers team to attend the event for the special screening yesterday, Friday 21st March.

Actually I was not well yesterday and was not sure of attending it, but then by the time the evening descended I felt I should attend it and went to Tivoli Daffodils in Chattarpur Delhi. Ohh what a begining to a great weekend it was and all credit goes to the Indiblogger team for such a great arrangement.

I reached a little early there and took few snaps of the venue. All the bloggers were greeted with lovely drinks and coffee and tea and snacks. There was a photo booth which had a DJ/ RJ console where everyone was supposed to take photographs and the most amazing photo was awarded a special  gift.

This is the photo booth were bloggers are faking RJ giri and taking photographs 

Me....with the backdrop of the Photobooth

Me..the Fake RJ

That's the Sunsilk photo frame with my Photo on it 

 There was a popcorn kiosk too for us to munch on while enjoying the movie.The main stage was having live feed of all the bloggers who were dropping in the venue and also the tweets with #SunsilkRealFm. 

Before the movie started, the Indiblogger team played few small games of asking favorite numbers of the bloggers, who so evers number was there on the list was awarded cash price, vouchers from Flipkart and what not. Some were also awarded tea bag and cookie :P

Coming to the movie, it was a short and sweet short film made by Anurag Basu on Three friends, Rhea, Sonal and Anu. Rhea's father was the owner of the radio station Real FM 97.5. Due to some mishap the radio station ran out of money and was stranded and her dad suffered a heart attack. The girls had only one day to turn around everything and change the FM station into a cash cow. One life changing challenge..How the girls succeeded was the story and I must say a very inspiring one. There is a lot to take away from the movie, both patriotically and socially. There is this one character in the movie. He is a CA. Wese to CAs are said to be boring. But I am in love with him. He says " do you know how do CAs do birth control? By showing off their personality" .  hehehehe  :P

To watch the first preview of the movie, tune into MTV tomorrow, Sunday 23rd March at 7 PM.

The film was sponsored by Sunsilk and it was very humble on part of Sunsilk that they did not over do or bombard the film with promotions of their newly launched hair product - Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo and conditioner.

Live Tweets on the main screen

After the screening got over, the whole team of bloggers took a photograph and then, the best tweet was awarded prizes and then the dinner was served.

And I will not forget to mention, we were handed over Indiblogger goodies as in T shirts and PR samples and Goodies from Sunsilk too  :D Will review the products soon.

All in all it was a funfilled evening. Thank you Sunsilk and Indibloggers. Hope to see more events coming up.

I will finish off with the sweet song from the movie which I am going to make my hello tune now :P "Ab tak safar acha raha..iss mod se jaye kaha..raastein ab jo bhi ho...dhundugi apna jahaan"

Ofcourse Me Posing for the camera  :D

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday Wish List Vol. 1

So randomly I just thought of starting a weekly section in my blog - The Thursday Wish List.

Here I will share with you what products or brands I am craving to have... I know wishing for expensive things is not always possible but we can always dream right? :P

And Sharing with all you guys would always give me satisfaction :)

So here it is.....I intend to have these things in my kitty :D

1. The coral pink bag is from PRADA...Ohh I so love the simplicity of the bag and the color is just so tempting

2. This green tub is a great environment friendly product from the TIGI family. It is the TIGI Love Peace & the Planet Eco Freako Cherry Almond Texturizer... Eco that is a name that has grabbed my attention. You can buy it from the merchant site

3. Personally I am not a great fan of golden or yellow color. But this golden shimmer prom dress by Bari Jay is a gown to die for. Till date I have loved only two yellow gown - One from the movie " How to Loose a Guy in 10 days " where Kate Hudson wore a beautiful gown and this one featured above.

4. Have you seen those stone studded Steve Madden stilettos? Gorgeous and breath taking

5. I am kinda falling for this cute little Hair Barrette in peacock blue and green with blue zircon. It can be sourced from

*All Images are taken from Google and
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