Wednesday, January 29, 2014

FabIndia Charcoal Scrub - Review

Hi Everyone!

Since many days I was thinking to do a scrub post. I have been using many of them, finally the one that won the battle of "review-me-first" is the Fab India Charcoal Scrub.

To be very honest I was always a bit reluctant when it comes to use Fab India products. Not because I fear of bad products but I use to think that Fab is all about clothes and accessories. But After purchasing this product I am very sure they make really good and reliable products and I love their range of Pickles too :D

This is my first product from the Fab India Family. Let's get back to the review.

I always had wondered what is this activated charcoal made products when I had first seen the Pond's Charcoal Face wash ad. Later I came to know that activated charcoal helps in absorbing the most stringent of poisons and dirt and stings and what not. It removes pollution from skin also and helps keeping the skin fresh and rejuvenated. But yes the quantity used has to be monitored. One cannot use a thump of the charcoal or it will become harmful to you.

The same Logic has been used in this product of FabIndia. The Scrub is made up of few ingredients among which activated charcoal is the most essential one followed by Lemon grass and other herbs.

Product Description

Charcoal is known for its ability to absorb impurities. This scrub removes dirt and excess oil from the skin while gently exfoliating it.



INR 250 only for 100 ml. You can buy it from HERE

My Experience

The Charcoal scrub comes in a plastic tub container, which I find is the most irritating. After I lost my spatula I have to dip in my fingers and get the scrub out.

The scrub is dark grey in color due to presence of charcoal. Every time I open the cap I can smell the fresh fragrance of Lemon Grass which is so luring that I feel to gulp it down my throat. :P

It is not a very hard granulated scrub but it does its job wonderfully. It gives me a gentle exfoliation without breaking me out. The texture is a bit thick buttery texture. I thought the oils in it would revamp the acne on my combination skin. But it did not. It actually looks like one but it helps scrub and freshen up the face like magic.Removes my blackheads & whiteheads too.

The lemon grass presence gives me an immense satisfaction both due to smell and due to its anti-bacterial & anti-oxidant properties. It feels like I am giving my skin a lemon Spa (Aaaahhhhh)

I usually take a considerable amount on my palm and apply it on my face and neck. After I finish my scrubbing , I keep the black scrub onto my face for about 5 mins. This is my way to ensure that the Charcoal is doing its job. (it is in my mind :D)

The worst part is the face washing part. It sticks to my skin and after repeated wash it goes away. I like things which goes away in one wash, I do not like to spend time in front of the wash basin. Huh!!

Trust me people this product leaves my skin SQUEAKKYY clean. I feel suddenly I have turned into a white glowing fairy  :D   *hugs*

It does not leaves my skin dry at all and my skin feels fresh and awesome and clean. The glow remains on my face for a day or two max. (Wish it had been a little more). You can Buy the Product  HERE


After pat dry

Hi Fivez

1. Affordable
2. Availability
3. Does what it promises
4. Leaves skin glowing, clean, fresh
5. Removes dirt
6. To an extent removes makeup also
7. Nice smell of lemon grass

Low Fivez

1. Tub packaging - unhygienic
2. Oily texture
3. Sticks to the skin and sometimes too tedious to wash
4. Glow remains for a day or two max


4 out of 5

Re purchase

Sure. would gift one to my mom too :D

Have you ever used FabIndia Charcoal scrub? Let me know....