Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pantene Pro V Lively Clean Shampoo: Review

Hi All,

So what all you did today in Women's Day? Did you buy some cosmetics? There were so many discounts through out stores across the country...Well I planned  something, but unfortunately I was so busy in getting my stuffs in place as I am going home :D

Anyway lets talk about today's product. I have got a drug store Shampoo today from the Pantene family- The Pantene Pro V Lively Clean Shampoo.

Price of the shampoo is INR 69 for 80 ML. It is the mini version of the large size bottle.

Product Description says it revitalizes oily hair to lively looking hair and it makes the hair clean.

My Experience

I have a habit of using a mild shampoo in my first wash so that the oil goes away and then I wash my hair with L'oreal Force Vector Shampoo (Read the review HERE). I generally use a mild herbal shampoo. But Off late I am running short of my stock as I get those shampoos from Kolkata :P  This time I am going to bring in more of them.

Since my first wash shampoo was over I had to look for some alternative which will wash away the oil and also clean my scalp and make my hair look fresh.

I happen to glance on the Pantene Pro V Lively Clean one off the shelf and the transparent packaging and the name of the product "Lively Clean" drew my attention and instantly without giving much thought I just bought it.

Since then I am using it on my hair, and it is a decent product I must say. It keeps dirt and oil away in the first wash itself. But I felt that my hair had become a little dry after the wash when one fine day I was getting late for work and I had to skip my L'oreal one. That day I manage to keep the frizz tamed by using a conditioner somehow. I discovered this shampoo can not be used alone and needs a conditioner for taming hair or else the hair will become dry and frizzy.

It does the cleaning part pretty well and my hair feels squeaky clean at first wash. The reason behind it is , this shampoo is loaded with chemicals which we generally try to avoid from SLS to SLES and etc.

The pretty part of this product is the packaging. Once can easily make out how much product has been used up as it is transparent and it has a flip open cap.

The shampoo is not really runny and has a gel like consistency and is also transparent sans color and sans smell.

Hi Fivez

1. Cleanse Hair
2. Keeps it fresh
3. No Smell
4. Available at all places
5. Not at all pricey

Low Fivez

1. Loaded with chemical
2. Makes hair dry and frizzy
3. Needs conditioner to tame down the frizzy and dry hair


3 Out of 5

Re Purchase

I would like to try the other mild Pantene shampoo products

Buy Pantene Pro V Shampoo  HERE
Buy the L'oreal Paris Force Vector Shampoo HERE and HERE

Have you used Pantene Pro V Shampoo? Share your comments below