Wednesday, March 26, 2014

L’oreal Paris True Match Mineral Powder Foundation: Review, Price


Heloo Gals.

I’m back and toady  I am going to write about another very interesting product which  many people are aware of.

Today’s star is L’oreal Paris True match mineral powder foundation. 

Discovering the product was a funny event. Back in 2011, on one gloomy day, I finally gave in to believe that there’s nothing on this earth which can control the piggy sweat on my face.  With a heavy heart I was striding past cosmetic stalls inside a mall and  its then when  this magician caught my eyes. I quickly asked for a demo from one of the “so-called” beauty assistants.  The moment I opened my eyes, I felt like those picture perfect models or actress. It has become my bestie for two years now.

About the product:

My shade is D5.W5 Golden Sand, perfectly suited for dusky beauties like me :P. Its bang on for wheatish skin tones too. The product is for all skin types, even sensitive!

It claims to contain 95% minerals with no perfumes and no preservatives. It is oil-free and non-comedogenic (which means it doesn’t cause blackheads to appear by blocking the pores of the skin). The icing on the cake is the presence of SPF 15.


The foundation comes in a very smart and plump plastic jar though small in size. It has three parts to its packaging. First, the bottom container carrying the powder make up which have small holes on top to let the power step out. Second, a screw-on lid with an attached applicator brush. Third, (and it’s the last one guys:P) the transparent on-top lid to cover the brush.


It’s a fat brush with densely packed bristles. It has a soft finishing and actually helps you to apply on the face evenly. It is not the best make-up brush one can buy, but I can assure you that it’s a boon for people who keep on their toes all the time or are frequent travelers.

One should be careful enough while putting the top lid on which when wrongly put can hurt the soft hairs of the brush. Even if you are in hurry , just hold all the bristles with the grip of your palm and then put the lid with the other hand.

My Experience-

 I always apply it over my medicated sunscreen. After about 5 minutes of application of the sunscreen, once it gets absorbed, I put the foundation on. It quickly gives a shine on my face and gradually once it gets settles evenly, it gives a matte look without an over done impression. It camouflages all my uneven patches and even under eye dark circles. As I dislike the painted make-up look, one quick swipe all over, is enough for the daily use. On occasions where you want to look like a queen, just swipe it twice and use some concealer underneath it.  Use the brush well for the finest blend or else your face will turn out to be blotchy and will give a cakey look.

A gentle reminder for all of you, its not the normal loose powder, it’s quite thick and you need to use it carefully so that you do not paint you dress with it because  could be very tough to remove it from the dress and will leave patches on them.

It works well even if I spend hours travelling out in the sun. It doesn’t sweep off easily while constantly battling with my sweat in summers. It has controlled my profuse sweat and even redness on my face due to heat and pollution. Its travel friendly but try to place it straight inside your bag, or else due to movements, the powder comes out in heavy amount and when you open the screw-on lid, you loose much of it which will give you a mini heart attack because it doesn’t come cheap. Also, never open it when you are standing under a fan, mini heart-attack will follow again :D

Me Post Application :D


 It burns a hole in your pocket as you need to shell out Rs.1290 INR but all I can say is, if used in small quantity it lasts for solid 4-5 months.

Quick praises for my bestie

1. Easily available
2. It gives a nice sheen to your face without making it too painted
3. 95% mineral content
4. No itchy feeling
5. No fragrance
6. Contains SPF 15
7. Staying power for 8-10 hours
8. Sweat proof to a great extent
9. Camouflage blemishes to dark circles with ease
10. Excellent packaging
11. Last but not the least, the free applicator which will bring a wide beam to your face

There’s nothing I can complain of. I can bet no one will complain about the price once they start using it.


Bare Hands before application

Hands after application


5 out of 5

Have you used L'oreal True Match Mineral Powder Foundation? Share your comments below..