Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream

Heyya All!

Today I am going to review a TBS product.

It is the Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream for the first signs of ageing.

Well it is definitely not an anti ageing product, it can be used by girls in their early twenties too as said by the BA. It is just to work on the small freckles, dark spots and etc.

Product Description

Extra rich, softens and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. With Community Fair Trade organic babassu oil.


Well I got it during the summers, I think it was around Rs 1300

My Experience

As I mentioned I got it during the summers, after my application in the night my face just started perspiring suddenly and I could feel droplets of  water on my nose and forehead. I thought "gaya mera poora paisa" , I used to take very little amount on my finger tip and use it all over my face before going off to sleep.

So moral of the story girls, do not use it in summers, specially oily skin girls like me. Dry skin beauties can still give it a try.

As the winter approached, this cream came for my rescue. It is such a boon during the winter and hydrates and moisturizes the face so well. Another Moral of the story girls, use it during winters.

As far as anti ageing things are concerned, I could not figure out how much good it has done to my skin. Till now I never had freckles and wrinkles on my face (touchwood). Even if I have it is negligible and I could not spot it ever. I cannot vouch for this property of the cream. But it is a great night cream during the winters.

If you are under the AC 24 hrs, you can use this. It will retain your moisture under that condition and will also help mositurizing your face during hot summers when you are under air conditioning.

It comes in a black plastic bottle packaging with a pump dispenser. It is sturdy and one can carry it in a bag all day long.

Hi Fivez:

1. Great Moisturizer during winters
2. Helps retain moisture under extreme AC situations during summers
3. Gives a smooth skin in the morning
4. A bit of glow too in the morning
5. All natural
6. Travel friendly
7. Pump Bottle  Dispenser and sturdy Packaging
8. Easily available at all TBS store.

Low Fivez

1. Not good oily skin people
2. Not for summers oviously
3. Expensive
4. Cannot say for the anti ageing properties it claims




Well I would like to try other TBS products

Have any of you ever used it? How did you find it? Let me know