Monday, February 17, 2014

Maybelline ColorShow Nail Paint - Nude Skin Review

Hi All,

Sorry I was away from my blog the past week. The reason being my "itne saalo ka sathi" , my pyara laptop ditched me and suddenly stopped working. I tried fixing it, but Delhi/ NCR is seriously so expensive dude!

Anyway I have decided I will mend it when I visit my city of Joy, My Kolkata. Till then I am like "Kaam Chalao" with my office lappy. :D

Today I am going to review my current favorite nail paint range from Maybelline - ColorShow in the shade Nude Skin.

I am kinda going all nude makeup products these days. God knows what happened to me.

Anyway, I remember when I was a kid & when I was not much into makeup & its alleys I used to go ga-ga when somebody used to apply "Jhatak" nail paints. I used to adore all those which were "Jhatak". And I used to literally hate these colors, discarding them as "aged-woman color". :P

But now I can well understand what a warm color it is is classy...and it is posh...

The Maybelline ColorShow Nude Skin is one such color which has just blown me over...both by its payoff and ofcourse who does not know about the incredible low price - INR 75 only :D

It is nice milky brown color- in which milk is mixed maximum :P. Two coat is enough for me to get my nails covered. I have noticed ColorShow nail paints have different chip offs timing. One chips off within 3 days and one takes days for the same. This one like stays on me for a good 6 days at a stretch and then slowly it starts fading.

Maybelline ColorShow Nude Skin

It is glossy and a top coat would make it more glossier and glamorous.

I have also reviewed some nail paints from the range in the past- Shocking seas (READ HERE) , Chrome Pink & Kiss me Pink (READ HERE)

I usually wear this shade to my work, during meetings and yes when I am heavy on my face makeup something needs to be subtle - so this one.

Maybelline ColorShow Nude Skin

Maybelline ColorShow Nude Skin

Maybelline ColorShow Nude Skin

Do try it guys! I am sure you will love it.

Maybelline ColorShow Nude Skin

 Maybelline ColorShow Nude Skin

Let me know your experience......