Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Nature's Co Lavender Body Lotion - Review

Hi All,

Last year I had subscribed to the velvette bag, which was somewhat disappointing. After paying a good amount for a 3-month subscription I did not get products worth that amount.

However, few things that came in the bag was definitely worth giving those a try. Among those was a sample size 35ml bottle of The Nature's Co. Lavender Body Lotion.

Product Description

Indulge in a soft, smooth, sensuous encounter with our lavender body lotion. Dry, sensitive & mature skin will greatly benefit from Lavender's anti-microbial, anti -inflammatory & skin regenerative properties. Apply it liberally and evenly both in the morning and night. It is especially effective when applied after bathing on moist skin.


It came with my velvette box so relatively I did not know the price of the 35ml, but it costs around INR 545 for a full size bottle.


It comes in a white rectangular cylinder container with a rectangular screw cap.

My Experience

The product inside has good consistency and it is not very runny as a liquid. The only problem I have with the product is , its smell. I have never smelt Lavender, if it the smell of the lavender, then I am sorry to say I do not like it. It is very pungent for my nose.

The lotion is water based, so it can be a boon for oily skin girls. It gets absorbed very very quickly onto the skin. After it gets absorbed I feel a bit of dryness on my skin. May be I am habituated with the oil based lotions available in the market.

The product says it stays for hours and provides moisturisation to the body. But I have used it to keep my hands and palm away from dryness and it has disappointed me.

I am sure the product is good but my body is relatively dry and I should be using products with more butters into it not water.


Hi Fivez

1. All herbal
2. Travel friendly packaging
3. Good for combination skin people, may be oily too.
4. Gets absorbed easily
5. water based

Low Fivez

1. I do not like the smell
2. Not great for my dry skin in winters
3. Pricey, a bit
4. A lot of product is needed for application. So the amount you pay is more and you have to refill your stock within few days


3 out of 5

Re Purchase

No, I would like to try other Nature's Co body lotion.

Have you tried The Nature's Co Lavender Lotion? Let me know your experience.....