Sunday, February 2, 2014

FACES Canada Beyond Black Eyeliner - Review

Hi Girls!

I have a great eyeliner in my kitty today to review.

But before I start off with the review I would like to mention, that officially I work as a brand custodian for FACES Canada. Yes! I would explain it further. I am a branding executive in an advertising agency & I look after FACES Canada. But that does not mean that this review is being promoted by FACES by any means. I am a blogger and it is my duty to weigh each brand in the same manner.

The product I am going to review is FACES Canada Beyond Black Eyeliner.

This was one such sample provided to my team for personal use. Thus is the review.Yes. You see we get a lotta product to use for free when we work for a brand. Isn't it cool?


Technically I got it for free :D . I think currently it is around INR 300-500. Can't remember  :P

My Experience

The name says it all. It is indeed a blacky black eyeliner with a felt tip brush for application. I find it very easy to draw my eyes with it. It helps me in giving a precise line on my lids.

It is waterproof, smudgeproof & dries off very quickly post application.

But here is the main problem. You try hard to remove it at the end of the day , but it is soooo hard to remove. I have tried doing it with makeup removers, baby oil but nothing came to rescue. I had to rub off coarsely with the baby oil to remove it. Thus it stays for as long as 24 hours on your lids. Phewww!!

Over all it is a good eyeliner. But yes I  think the price is a little on the higher side.


Removed with baby Oil

You can see how hard it is to remove :(

Hi Fivez

1. Water proof
2. Smudge Proof
3. Stays on for as long as 24 hours
4. Great felt tip for application
5. Dries off Quickly
6. Extreme Black Color

Low Fivez

1. Hard to remove
2. Pricey


3.5 Out Of 5

Re Purchase

I have used it extensively. I would like to try other brands too.

Have you tried Beyond Black Eyeliner? Let me know

*Sample given by brand for during Official launch for personal use. This review is not sponsored by the brand and the review is solely mine and honest