Monday, February 17, 2014

My Oriflame Haul - Blush & Brushes

Hi Girls!

I still remember the brand Oriflame being one such  brand which used to sell its product via direct marketing channels. It used to involve ladies who were generally homemakers, asking them to be there members and they in turn would sell their products. It guess it still continues to be the same. They never advertised on TV or print or radio. Neither their product used to be available at any store or online. One can get the products only through their members.

But as time passed by, the brand realized that to stand the growing competition they need to jump into more advertising and ground activities and PR. And yes now Oriflame can be purchased at physical stores and also a huge number of online store.

Recently I have been seeing bloggers writing about Oriflame products and the review has been moderately good. They have changed their product formulation and working towards better product developments. I mean that is great.

I was surfing through and found the Oriflame Blush- in Fresh Pink shade. Such was the image of the shade that I got hooked instantly and my heart started craving for it. I quickly added it to my cart. Soon after I got hold of two Professional Brushes from Oriflame - Blush Brush & Powder Blush. I wanted to add some brushes to my kitty and to my surprise these brushes were coming in pretty cheap. I just leaped onto it.


Original Price is INR 529. I got it online at INR 449

The name says it is Hot fresh pink but it more looks like a peachy pink. Anyway I just love it that way.


Original Price is INR 279. I got it for 249.


Original Price is INR 279. I got it for 249.

Oriflame Blush in Fresh Pink, Powder Blush & Blush Brush 

Let me know how did find the haul.....