Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hi girls!!

This is my very first post of my new blog. :)

Happy Happy ! Yayieeeee!!!

I was thinking to post much earlier but saved it for the Independence day. Just thought of reviewing something Independence day specific. (Tiranga color you see!)

I thought to show off my love for my country and paint my nails as per the occasion  :D . I am certainly wearing the paint through out the Independence week. Yohooooo!!

Anyway, here goes my first review. Today I am reviewing the Colorbar USA Nail Paint- Tangerine Mojito and Lime Margarita.

Tangerine Mojito- This hot orange comes in shade number 095.
Lime Margarita- This neon nature color comes in shade number 096.

My experience:

 These colors are  definitely something which catches someone's eyes. It gives out a nice bright shine after application. It stays a week long on your finger tips without getting chipped. Also, suddenly I felt that my fingers stood out in the dark. (No it does not glow in the dark :P ).

On the other hand, I did not particularly like the smell of the paints. Not an issue for me but for sensitive nose it might create a problem. I had to coat my nails twice to get the desired result. Also, one day after application it became a little dull. (the green one).

                                         Photograph taken using Flash due to bad lighting


INR 175

What I like:

1. Reasonable pricing
2. Good amount of paint inside the bottle :)
3. Stays on for atleast 7 days without chipping.
4. Bright and shiny and apt for the season.
5. Great Neon-ish Colors.
6. Gave my nails an exceptional shine. (which I felt my nails are standing out in the dark :P)

What I Dislike:

1. Not so pleasant smell.
2. Not a single coat wonder. Had to apply to coats to cover the translucent nails. :P
3. Became a little dull over the time (particularly the Lime Margarita)

Rating: (Out of 5)


Would I Purchase it Again?

Well! I have done my purchase and it will last me 3 months. I would definitely like to try other neon colors of other brands. But Yes! I will definitely buy it and gift it to someone who does not own it so that she can try it out