Wednesday, August 21, 2013

COLORBAR Take Me As I Am Lipcolor

Heyaaa I am Back!!

And yes I should be blogging more often I know! *sob sob*..too much of office work :(

However, I was dying to review one of my favorite products- Lippies!!  

And here I reviewing the Colorbar chubby stick - Take me as I am!!

I managed to go for a shopping during the Independence day sale! and guess what I happened to stumble upon the chubby from Colorbar. I was dying to get hold of it since many days just to see wether the hue and cry about the popularity of the product in market is true or not.  :P

I am not disappointed with it!  *wide grin*

I got a Take me as I am for myself in the color Flirtatious Pink (shade 002).
It is a pretty pink color which gives out a sheen. 


The product definitely reminds me of the crayons we used in our childhood and it is sharp-enable. Yes That is true!! The product is quite sturdy and comes in a long silver monocarton. The body and the cap of the pencil is black, with only the bottom of the pencil is the color of the bullet of the lipstick. It also comes with a free sharpner!! yayyyy!!! But I am sure the company must have included the price of the sharpner with the lipstick  :P


I was quite impressed that it was paraben-free. One Plus point.


It costed me Rs 750. :-o  Trust me it is very very pricey. One Minus point. And I got a free Colorbar I shine Eye pencil in midnight black.....yupiee!!!  two plus point for that. (review coming up soon).


The lippie is definitely a very smooth one with good pigmentation. 1 swipe is good enough to get the desired color. But I swipe it 2 times. It gives out a nice sheen then. It glides on to my lips very easily and feels like a lip balm. It definitely moisturizes my lips , but I am not sure whether it provides hydration or not. Staying power is also decent. It is definitely not a long wear lipstick, but stays upto 4 - 6 hrs on my lips provided I am not drinking or eating anything. Once I eat or drink something it transfers onto my glass or spoon and then suddenly WHOOSH!! the lipstick is gone!  :(   It also does not stain your lips once it vanishes from your lips.


What I like

1. The color is nice and well pigmented.
2. The scent is decent.
3. Gives the desired color in 1 swipe itself.
4. Free sharpner. 
5. Sturdy Packaging
6. Glides smoothly.
7. Very soft bullet
8. Moisturizes lips and feels like a lip balm
9. Paraben- free
10. Decent staying power.
11. Does not stain my lips

What I did not like

1. Very Pricey. I will not spend so much for a sharp-enable Chubby. Huh!
2. Not transfer proof.




I will be happy if someone gifts me  :P . If I stumble upon another great shade from the range I might or else if sometime in the near future if the price goes down. 

                                      Have you tried the Colorbar Take Me as I am?