Wednesday, August 28, 2013

L'OREAL Paris Professionnel Force Vector Shampoo

Hey Gals!

I am back with a magic product! I am sure, you will never regret reading this.

On the other side, trust me I missed not writing for so many days. Tough work life! Phew! Finally I got some time for myself and so I thought "Chalo lets make the gals out there a little happy"

Today I am going to review L'oreal Force Vector Shampoo from its professionnel range.

The story behind it is, One day I got a rs 500 coupon for a high profile Beauty Salon In gurgaon. And  we girls become so excited to try out salon services for free *wink*, I rush to the Salon which fortunately was just a floor away from my Office. LUCKY ME!

I chose a hair care session, and the hair stylist just wanked out by touching the hair " what have you done to your hair Maam? You have such lovely mane! You have so much of hair fall". I kept batting my eyelashes in distress and asked the reason and its solution. He told "you have brittle and frizzy hair. Use L'oreal Force Vector, and you will never come back to me"

Soon I rushed to one of the Salons and procured one. And here goes my experience.........

Product Description

Reinforcing anti-breakage shampoo for fragile , brittle hair: Formulated with Glycocell. Hair Fibre is fortified and protected, leaving hair soft, shiny and feeling stronger.


Rs 500 for 250 ML


Water, Cocamidopropyle betaine, Sodium Laureth sulphate, Sodium chloride, Glyecerine,HexyLene Gucel,
Linacool,Propylene Glycol Oleate,Citric Acid, Fragnance,Sodium Benzoate,Royal Jelly, Sodium Hydrooxide and etc ( I cannot remember the names of the other chemicals)


I kinda like the cute strawberyy red color bottle with a flip cap. It is quite sturdy and the shampoo does not come out from the bottle. It can fit into your bag when you a re travelling. But the most important point...I am kinda loving the red color plastic bottle....feel like eating it up  :P


When i got the bottle I thought , the liquid inside would also be of cute pink color, but hell was a transparent liquid :( . My dreams were shattered.  :P

Moving on, the shampoo inside is not dense, it is quite runny. It definitely makes my hair ultra smooth after wash. I have to wash my hair twice with the shampoo to get the desired result. Also, I would recommend using a mild or herbal shampoo to wash off the oil or dirt from your hair and then apply this shampoo. The reason being it does not form good foam and lather. You might end up using all the shampoo thinking there is no foam. :) After one quick wash with another shampoo your force vector is ready to rock and roll. Basically it is not competent enough to wash of  the oil on your hair.

And I use a conditioner after my shampoo. Thats all! Trust me that gives me shiny voluptous hair that bounces. I never felt this way ever in my tiny life. One thing I noticed, my hair turns a little black after every wash. It is clean, bouncy and shiny. There is not detangling of hair. Also, the shampoo has no smell but when you apply it you can smell a very light fragnance which goes off after a little while.

After repeated usage my brittle hair has definitely become more stronger, that's because my hair fall during shampooing has reduced and also afterwards. Trust me its been three days and my hair is still going strong...It is soft, clean and no hair fall! YUPIEEEE!!!!!

I am so grateful to the is a boon for my hair. It works wonder and it does not take away the moisture from the hair and does not make it dry. And my hair has started to grow again.


You can see how runny it is...its almost dripping off my hand......


1. Mild Fragnance
2. Cute red packaging
3. Travel friendly
4. Makes hair soft, shiny, strong, black,
5. Helps in regrowth I guess
6. It does its job for what it is helps fragile and brittle hair to be stronger
7. Apt pricing for such a wonder product
8. Availability - in all Salons


1. Does not wash off oil / dirt in the first wash
2. The liquid is on the runny side...but thats Ok  :)



Re- Purchase

Hell Ya!! I just can not stay with out has become my necessity now for life long  :D

Have you tried  L'oreal Force Vector Shampoo yet? Do let me Know Girlies!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

BIOTIQUE Bio Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth Stimulating Serum

Hi Beautifuls!

Today I am going to review a "Leave-In" kind of hair product from the Biotique family -  Bio Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth Stimulating Serum.

I will tell you the story behind procuring the product. Since I have shifted to Gurgaon, my hair fall increased so much that once I thought I would go bald in the next 3 years (HaHaHa..Funny). On top of that My hair became brittle, frizzy and thin  :(

One day I was browsing through an online shopping portal, where I found this product. I thought of giving it a try, thinking atleast I can try fix this problem. (Thank God I did!). Thinking that it is a herbal product, even if it does not help me but it will not harm me.

Product Description

This intensive serum is blended with pure extracts of mountain ebony, long pepper, glycyrrhizin and the euphorbia tree, to promote new and healthy hair growth. Stimulates hair, from root to tip, and leaves scalp feeling toned , exhilarated, free from dryness and irritation.


No chemicals, No Paraben - A great Yayyyyy from my side.


Rs 159 for 120 ML

My Experience

Well, the company calls it a serum, but I am not happy to call it a serum. I can say it is a hair tonic. Serum being thick liquids, and it is quite runny watery formula. I   have not experienced any hair growth as of now, but my hair fall has reduced to almost 1 or 2 strands a day (Just Imagine!! tremendous). Also my hair feels soft after application.It is good food for my hair I can say, with so many herbs in the formula.

Basically I apply a small amount of the liquid at night onto my dry scalp and massage for 5 mins. Trust me I feel like heaven. It is so relaxing. How can a serum be sooo relaxing. That is why I hate to call it a serum and also it does not work as a serum on to the hair. One thing I was so surprised to see was, my hair felt black and shiny after the application. It does not help in detangling my hair, neither it makes my hair smooth after application.

The packaging is cute and quite sturdy. It comes in a the trademark Biotique Plastic bottle with a green cap with a bluish sticker pasted on the body. The body is translucent and you can see the liquid. It helps me to know how much of the liquid has been used. The liquid does not spill from the bottle and it is definitely a travel friendly package.

One thing I must say, it has a lovely smell. Once you have applied it , it gives out such a sweet smell from your hair and your hand. I keep sniffing my hands for hours after application. (hehehe yes I am that mad). It is a mix and match of a fruity and a flowery smell and I completely adore it!

What I Like

1. Paraben & Chemical free
2. Travel friendly Packaging
3. Sweet smell
4. Provides relaxation once applied
5. Not Pricey at all
6. Helps in reducing hair fall drastically

What I do not Like

1. It is not a serum, it is runny and act as a hair tonic.
2. Does not help in hair growth significantly
3. Does not help in detangling and does not posses serum properties.




Definitely I love it although I have not seen any significant hair growth.

                    Have you tried this wonder from Biotique. Do try it and let me know  :D

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

COLORBAR Take Me As I Am Lipcolor

Heyaaa I am Back!!

And yes I should be blogging more often I know! *sob sob*..too much of office work :(

However, I was dying to review one of my favorite products- Lippies!!  

And here I reviewing the Colorbar chubby stick - Take me as I am!!

I managed to go for a shopping during the Independence day sale! and guess what I happened to stumble upon the chubby from Colorbar. I was dying to get hold of it since many days just to see wether the hue and cry about the popularity of the product in market is true or not.  :P

I am not disappointed with it!  *wide grin*

I got a Take me as I am for myself in the color Flirtatious Pink (shade 002).
It is a pretty pink color which gives out a sheen. 


The product definitely reminds me of the crayons we used in our childhood and it is sharp-enable. Yes That is true!! The product is quite sturdy and comes in a long silver monocarton. The body and the cap of the pencil is black, with only the bottom of the pencil is the color of the bullet of the lipstick. It also comes with a free sharpner!! yayyyy!!! But I am sure the company must have included the price of the sharpner with the lipstick  :P


I was quite impressed that it was paraben-free. One Plus point.


It costed me Rs 750. :-o  Trust me it is very very pricey. One Minus point. And I got a free Colorbar I shine Eye pencil in midnight black.....yupiee!!!  two plus point for that. (review coming up soon).


The lippie is definitely a very smooth one with good pigmentation. 1 swipe is good enough to get the desired color. But I swipe it 2 times. It gives out a nice sheen then. It glides on to my lips very easily and feels like a lip balm. It definitely moisturizes my lips , but I am not sure whether it provides hydration or not. Staying power is also decent. It is definitely not a long wear lipstick, but stays upto 4 - 6 hrs on my lips provided I am not drinking or eating anything. Once I eat or drink something it transfers onto my glass or spoon and then suddenly WHOOSH!! the lipstick is gone!  :(   It also does not stain your lips once it vanishes from your lips.


What I like

1. The color is nice and well pigmented.
2. The scent is decent.
3. Gives the desired color in 1 swipe itself.
4. Free sharpner. 
5. Sturdy Packaging
6. Glides smoothly.
7. Very soft bullet
8. Moisturizes lips and feels like a lip balm
9. Paraben- free
10. Decent staying power.
11. Does not stain my lips

What I did not like

1. Very Pricey. I will not spend so much for a sharp-enable Chubby. Huh!
2. Not transfer proof.




I will be happy if someone gifts me  :P . If I stumble upon another great shade from the range I might or else if sometime in the near future if the price goes down. 

                                      Have you tried the Colorbar Take Me as I am? 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hi girls!!

This is my very first post of my new blog. :)

Happy Happy ! Yayieeeee!!!

I was thinking to post much earlier but saved it for the Independence day. Just thought of reviewing something Independence day specific. (Tiranga color you see!)

I thought to show off my love for my country and paint my nails as per the occasion  :D . I am certainly wearing the paint through out the Independence week. Yohooooo!!

Anyway, here goes my first review. Today I am reviewing the Colorbar USA Nail Paint- Tangerine Mojito and Lime Margarita.

Tangerine Mojito- This hot orange comes in shade number 095.
Lime Margarita- This neon nature color comes in shade number 096.

My experience:

 These colors are  definitely something which catches someone's eyes. It gives out a nice bright shine after application. It stays a week long on your finger tips without getting chipped. Also, suddenly I felt that my fingers stood out in the dark. (No it does not glow in the dark :P ).

On the other hand, I did not particularly like the smell of the paints. Not an issue for me but for sensitive nose it might create a problem. I had to coat my nails twice to get the desired result. Also, one day after application it became a little dull. (the green one).

                                         Photograph taken using Flash due to bad lighting


INR 175

What I like:

1. Reasonable pricing
2. Good amount of paint inside the bottle :)
3. Stays on for atleast 7 days without chipping.
4. Bright and shiny and apt for the season.
5. Great Neon-ish Colors.
6. Gave my nails an exceptional shine. (which I felt my nails are standing out in the dark :P)

What I Dislike:

1. Not so pleasant smell.
2. Not a single coat wonder. Had to apply to coats to cover the translucent nails. :P
3. Became a little dull over the time (particularly the Lime Margarita)

Rating: (Out of 5)


Would I Purchase it Again?

Well! I have done my purchase and it will last me 3 months. I would definitely like to try other neon colors of other brands. But Yes! I will definitely buy it and gift it to someone who does not own it so that she can try it out