Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Puro Body and Soul Lip Balm in Orange Fanta : Review

Hi Everyone,

I am happy today. I got my MAC lippie today that I won in a giveaway on the blog PoutPretty. Thanks Dolon! <3

And I also got my lovely blue maxi dress today. I must say it is gorgeous! Very soon I am going to do an outfit post.

Anyway today I am going to review a lip balm from an Indian brand Puro Body and Soul in Orange Fanta flavor.

It is a brand, that is purely vegetarian and is cruelty free. You can shop the products from 

The price of the balm is INR 95

The lip balm comes in a generic lip balm tub packaging with screw cap.The color of the balm is bright orange and it gives out a fruity orange smell. Have you ever smelt orange ice cream that is only made up of ice and covered with orange syrup? It is of the same fragrance. The smell ofcourse vanishes when you start applying.

The balm on the whole has a gel like texture and is  very heavy on lips. So I use it in the night and not wear it to work or outside.

The name orange fanta is so apt. It is indeed a fanta product :P

When I get up in the morning I get really smooth and pink lips. The balm works miraculously! I just love it.

The best part is , it is completely herbal and is not animal tested.

I quite like it!

Have you tried Puro Body and Soul Products? Share your comments below...

*PR Sample provided by merchant