Sunday, November 17, 2013

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer - Dry Skin

Hi Roses!

The winter has set in!! It is slowly and steadily engulfing Delhi/ NCR. And "beheno" that day is near when we are going to experience that dreadful, that spine chilling  "Dilli ki Sardi" :P . But honestly I just love winters.

So when there is winter, then there has to have a situation when we girls need to take special care of our skin, of our body. It is that time of the year when all the cracked heels, dry skin, cracked skin, flaky skin re-surfaces. Huh!

Before the crisis had set in, I suddenly chanced upon a miracle moisturizer in one of the Dabur New U store. Although I went to the store to check out some lippies, but I came back with this, also my old moisturizer was over. It was a Neutrogena Body Moisturizer..

Well frankly speaking I had never used any Neutrogena products, as I was not confident about the type of chemicals they use in their products. But this product did not disappoint me and now I am certainly going to check out more from the brand. Although the BA kept pushing for the products (I do not like pushy SA/BA. They irritate me), I was quite reluctant at first. I asked her it is for dry skin, and I have combination skin. Then I realized, winter makes our skin dry, lets try out.

Product Description

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer hydrates skin with exceptional moisture levels that lasts all day. The non-greasy, glycerin-rich formula deeply penetrates, instantly turning even the driest, roughest skin into soft, smooth skin.

  • Instantly soothes skin
  • Relieves, dry rough skin
  • Provides 24 Hr of moisturization


Although the price of the product is Rs 399, I got it at Rs 35 discount. Yayyy!


This product contains no harmful chemicals that I am sure.

My Take on the product

It claims to have Norwegian formula, which helps retaining moisture in the skin. Norway is a cold country and people there use some kind of therapy and things to keep themselves moisturize. This product claims to have incorporated that formula in the product. And yes the product did not disappoint me. I am not quite sure about how this product would work in s
ummers for girls who has my skin type, but in winters it is a boon.

It keeps my skin really soft for so long. Before I head to office I apply it and it keeps my skin supple throughout the day and still after I come back home. Even at night when I re-apply it, it makes my skin like silk. Trust me it does.

It has a lovely floral smell which is very mild and which goes off once you start applying. It is not at all greasy and a little amount of the product covers lots of body portion.


  • Does what it claims
  • keeps my skin soft silky
  • does not allow my skin to show up with cracks and flakes
  • pretty decent price compared to the wonders it does
  • No harmful chemicals as such
  • No pungent smell

  • Nothing I could think of



Yes ofcourse. And I will love to try out other products as well from the brand.

Let me know, what are your lotions and creams for the season