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Heya All!!

Welcome to The Indian Fuchsia!!!

I am Sukanya, an advertising professional and is the author of this blog. I basically hail from Kolkata but currently I am based out of Gurgaon.

Well to start with I have worked on various beauty brands  like Lakme, Faces Canada in my short tenure in an advertising agency.

Ohh common! that certainly does not mean my reviews will be biased.

My love for cosmetics was hidden inside me since childhood which somehow erupted while working on beauty brands. I still remember myself draping my Mom's saree , and applying her Revlon brown lipstick, Pond's talcum powder (yes that is what we used to get in the early 1990's) all over my face and pretending to be an actress on television. :)

I have an oily skin which is a little prone to acne when I am exposed to humid weather conditions of Kolkata. But Gurgaon seems to have treated me well and I generally do not get acne.(Oh what a relief!)

I am around  NC44 to NC42 in MAC and all my reviews and the products I will recommend will be directed towards that skin tone.

I kind of like Nude colors in makeup which gives a natural make up feeling, but at the same time I like browns, reds, pinks, golden color.

I absolutely adore red lippies. I am sure you will find lot many red lipstick product reviews in my blog.

I am here to help all the beautiful ladies out there, discuss the latest trends and color of the seasons, impart my unbiased experience of the products and also learn from their experience.

Just want to say HI? Want to ask/ discuss about product?

Get in touch with me at reachsukanya3008@gmail.com

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I promise I will get back to you despite my busy schedule in my office :)