Friday, September 26, 2014

I am Back : End Of Hibernation!!

Heyya all lovely ladies!

I am back!! Back into this wonderful blogging world!

I went underground for few months you see!  :P

On a serious note, I was decked up with so much of personal work. Had to figure out few things and now when everything is I am into the serious business of not-so-serious stuffs and to chit chat with all my lovely girls out there.

You will see me now doing my regular review posts and have also figured out and planning to change few things in my blog.

The blog will now also contain stuffs related to, makeup and lifestyle...yayiiieee.....many OOTDs , accessories and etc.

I am also focusing on more FOTD, Look challenges, makeup gyans, DIY and etc apart from my regular reviews..

Since Durga Puja is almost knocking at the door, You will see many outfit posts, makeup posts and it is a perfect time to unwind and start blogging again..

And the best part is I am going to Kolkata to celebrate durga puja with my family..yayieeeee....Here I come mommaa!!

Will keep you all posted with lovely updates.

Till then Love yaa all and happy makeup and happy shopping!!

*Disclaimer: images taken from google. I do not own them