Monday, September 9, 2013

Biotique Bio Pineapple Fresh Foaming Cleansing Gel

Hi Pretty ladies!

Today I am here to review a miracle face wash which does not rip off the moisture from the face...And yes that is true...I know best of the best face cleansers that claim to be non-drying, but I found none to be true...At last I found one.

The Biotique Bio Pineapple Fresh Foaming Cleansing Gel. And it claims to be for the Normal to Oily skin beauties!

I have pretty oily skin so much so that when I wake up my T-zone is completely oily. I wont say that this cleanser has reduced that phenomena of mine but it definitely keeps my face fresh and hydrated without being oily.

Product Description

This fresh - foaming, 100% soap-free cleansing gel is blended with the extracts of pineapple, neem leaves, euphorbia plant and clove oil to dissolve makeup, purge pores and purify the complexion.


INR 149 for 120 ML


All herbal You see......


It is a cute pale yellow color plastic bottle with the green color screw cap. The liquid inside the bottle is yellow too. Quite handy.


when I first opened the pack, I tried smelling it. It certainly smells of pineapple but the fragnance is very very mild and does not stay for long. Once you apply it, you can not even smell the pineapple. Well that should not bother anyone I guess!

The liquid is thick yellow and is not runny. It looks like a textured hair conditioner..hahahah!!

A little amount on the palm works for me and lathers great within that small amount. I am sure it is my first such face wash that will lasts the longest  :D

As mentioned earlier, the USP of this face wash is, it does not rip off my skin of moisture. I can touch and feel my skin not being dry at all. And I can vouch that all we ladies do experience certain kind of dryness after face wash, irrespective of which ever brand we use. But the bio pineapple one is just one miracle. Till date I have never felt a slight stretch of skin or dryness after use.

It keeps my skin fresh. But yes I am not sure about the complexion part as claimed by the product. I have not seen any improvement in my complexion.

All in All a great cleanser ... (I am not worried about the complexion claim).



1. Mild smell
2. Sturdy
3. Can fit into a bag, can carry it anywhere
4. Not pricey at all
5. Total herbal
6. Soap-free
7. Does not rip off the moisture
8. Small amount is enough for cleansing


1. Does not stand true to its claim of complexion improvement (I am not bothered about that)
2. The pineapple fragnance does not linger for long  :(




Of course I will...but once I finish off my current bottle :D

Did Any of tried this yet? Do comment