Disclaimer & Policy

  1. All products are purchased by me by the money I earn after slogging hard day & night in office.
  2. If any product is received as a sample or send to me by brands for reviews, it will be mentioned.
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  6. I will recommend products as per my skin tone and I am not responsible about the products not resulting to the desired action as stated in my blog. (please kindly be informed about your skin )
  7. I am certainly neither a medical practitioner , nor a licensed professional.
  8. I will never insist on buying a particular product/ brand.
  9. Reviews will be completely unbiased, despite the brands sending me samples.
  10. The decision to review the products solely lies on me and I will state the time I need to test the products. SKIN/BODY CARE: 20 Days, MAKEUP: 7 Days, HAIRCARE: 30 Days.
  11. When I am recommending a site, from where you can purchase products, on your successful purchase from the same site, I would be getting a percentage amount from the Merchant.
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