Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Patanjali Aloevera Gel Review

Hi All,

Today I have a wonder product to review which gives medicinal as well as beauty benefits - The Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel.

Patanjali is a foundation of Baba Ramdev, as far as I know, where all herbal and ayurvedic things are produced for the better living of people.

Coming to aloevera, I can vouch for this product so much so, that I can blindly trust the benefits it renders. I had severe acne in my teens and I remember no medicine, no creams nothing worked on me. On top of that I had dark spots of those acne all over my face. My Kaku (uncle) asked me to use aloe vera gel and told me "dekh sayad kuch fayda ho". Trust me girls, within a month all blemishes, dark spots , acne disappeared just like that. And it also prevented my skin from future break outs. Since then I am a huge follower of Aloe gels, provided it comes from a good and trustworthy source/ brand.

Product Description

For Natural beauty, safety and useful for removal of pigmented spots. An ayurvedic property medicine.


Rs 75 for 150 ML. Just like the saying "Good things come in small packages"

My Experience

I have already mentioned my teen experience. Well this product does the same good to my skin. During summers it cools down my face. It also treats sun burns during summers. Although it is water based , it does not dries up my skin in winter and keeps my face moisturized and hydrated.

Since it is water based, oily skin beauties should not worry. Apply how much you want to :D

One can even use it as a base for makeup. Because I have seen people not using lotions or moisturizers before make up fearing it would make their face oily. In that case this is a great alternative.

It removes all dark spots. Trust me I have experience on this.

It gets absorbed onto skin very easily as it is formed of water. It is not at all greasy and very light weight. And no smell at all :D

It comes in a tubular packaging with flip open cap and transparent body. One can see the serene green gel inside and can also keep track of how much quantity is left.

This product has all those features that one needs and it should be carried by each and every girl in their bags. Thus, it is travel friendly too.

On the flip side, Aloe vera on its own has a negative side. One should not apply aloe vera gel and step out in the sun. It makes your skin tan and makes you look dark. So, try and use aloe vera during night before sleeping. So that it can work through out night and you wake up fresh!!


Have you ever used Aloe Vera gel? let me know your experience...