Monday, February 24, 2014

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo : Review

I have been trying to do this post since a long time. You guys remember the Great Online Shopping Festival at the end of December. I got hold of two NYX products at a relatively lower price from

Today I am going to review one of them for you. It is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream In Monte Carlo Shade.

The company says " It is neither lipstick nor lipgloss, this matte lip cream is a new kind of lip color that goes on silky smooth & sets to a matte finish. It is suprisingly durable and moisturizing"


Well it costs INR 750 but I got it for INR 600 at the GOSF.

NYX is truly an international brand. Thanks to Sephora for bringing the brand to India and also these days we can buy NYX online too. When I first saw the product I was hooked on to it. I wanted to try something which is kind of a lipstick-cum-lipgloss and is creamy. But when it comes to colors I want I just do not trust online swatches given in the website. They are all system generated.

After hovering around on Google and matching actual swatches from different blogs, I zeroed on the Monte Carlo shade. It is a very pretty red color with blue undertone. It suits all Indian skin tone and is superbly pigmented. It is creamy as well.

The Bottle comes in the same shade as of the lip cream and it has a wand similar to lip glosses. You just dig in to the bottle with the wand and there comes out the lip cream. One to two swipe and whoossh you are done!

Monte Carlo as a shade is a great red. It instantly makes my face stand out and glow.

The product is creamy but it settles down into matte finish soon after application. But it is dry after applying on to the lips. I make sure to exfoliate my lips before I use this lip cream. I also use a lip balm beneath.

The most hard part is removing the lip cream. It is super rich and just does not fades off. Not even with baby oil or makeup remover. It leaves behind a stain even after removing it.

It stays onto my lips straight for 8-9 hours (I usually wear it to work) surviving all meals of the day. Genius!

You can buy it from HERE


Hi Fivez

1. Cream Based formula
2. Superbly pigmented
3. Handy
4. No product wastage
5. Stays long
6. Makes the face glow
7. decent price

Low Fivez

1. Dry on lips
2. Lips need exfoliation before using
3. Hard to remove
4. Available either online or at Sephora outlets only in Delhi


5 out of 5

Re Purchase?

For Sure!

Overall verdict it is a great shade to adorn! Go for it babes!

You can buy it from HERE.

Have you ever used NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream? Let me know.....

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter : Review

Hi Girls!

Today I have another product to review from The Body Shop family - The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter.

TBS as usual has always come up with great products. And this one is among them.

I got this one as a gift from my Sister who lives in Singapore. Actually it came in a gift pack of the complete strawberry range. It had a Loofah, a TBS strawberry soap, a Strawberry shower gel and the Strawberry body butter. I was on cloud nine when I got that gift!  Thanks Di!

I am not sure of the price, but in India it costs around INR 990 - 1000 for 200 ML

Well this body butter is really a very cool product from TBS with the strawberry seed oil for moisturization. It aides all types of skin. All you girls can go and grab it! But on the pack it says it is for normal skin. That is because the product is true to its name. It is really buttery and heavy on skin.

For me this body butter has come as a savior during the Chilling Delhi winters. It provides great moisturization to the skin and keeps it soft and supple and does not make it dry.

The texture of the cream is sooo buttery and it glides on to the skin like "maska" :P It gets absorbed and does not make the skin sticky.

On top of that the smell of the body butter is just too great. I feel like somebody has crushed strawberry onto my skin after application. It is not over-powering at all and so apt.

Coming to the packaging, I just love the cute red tub packaging with strawberry images printed on a label on the cap. After I finish the butter I am going to retain the tub and keep my chota mota stuff there :P


Hi Fivez

1. Great smell
2. Great Travel friendly packaging
3. Provides moisturization through out
4. Butter like texture
5. Not sticky, and keeps skin hydrated
6. All herbal, made from community trade stuffs

Low Fivez

1. Too pricey (are you listening TBS? Pls reconsider the price)


5 out of 5

Re Purchase?


Have you tried TBS Strawberry Body Butter? Let me Know....

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Nature's Co Lavender Body Lotion - Review

Hi All,

Last year I had subscribed to the velvette bag, which was somewhat disappointing. After paying a good amount for a 3-month subscription I did not get products worth that amount.

However, few things that came in the bag was definitely worth giving those a try. Among those was a sample size 35ml bottle of The Nature's Co. Lavender Body Lotion.

Product Description

Indulge in a soft, smooth, sensuous encounter with our lavender body lotion. Dry, sensitive & mature skin will greatly benefit from Lavender's anti-microbial, anti -inflammatory & skin regenerative properties. Apply it liberally and evenly both in the morning and night. It is especially effective when applied after bathing on moist skin.


It came with my velvette box so relatively I did not know the price of the 35ml, but it costs around INR 545 for a full size bottle.


It comes in a white rectangular cylinder container with a rectangular screw cap.

My Experience

The product inside has good consistency and it is not very runny as a liquid. The only problem I have with the product is , its smell. I have never smelt Lavender, if it the smell of the lavender, then I am sorry to say I do not like it. It is very pungent for my nose.

The lotion is water based, so it can be a boon for oily skin girls. It gets absorbed very very quickly onto the skin. After it gets absorbed I feel a bit of dryness on my skin. May be I am habituated with the oil based lotions available in the market.

The product says it stays for hours and provides moisturisation to the body. But I have used it to keep my hands and palm away from dryness and it has disappointed me.

I am sure the product is good but my body is relatively dry and I should be using products with more butters into it not water.


Hi Fivez

1. All herbal
2. Travel friendly packaging
3. Good for combination skin people, may be oily too.
4. Gets absorbed easily
5. water based

Low Fivez

1. I do not like the smell
2. Not great for my dry skin in winters
3. Pricey, a bit
4. A lot of product is needed for application. So the amount you pay is more and you have to refill your stock within few days


3 out of 5

Re Purchase

No, I would like to try other Nature's Co body lotion.

Have you tried The Nature's Co Lavender Lotion? Let me know your experience.....

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

NOTD - Faces Canada Ultime Pro Sand Coat Nail Enamel - Citrus Pie

You know whenever I get to watch Hangover - Part I , it has always been a laugh riot. Oh God! every time I watch it I just feel awesomely great!

And I just love Allan! The way he carries his man purse. Oops it's a satchel..hehe thats what he says..and he wears it because Indian Jones wear it too :P . I mean, I feel Allan a.k.a Zach Galifianakis is one of the finest actor on earth today. He is cucking frazy awesomely great actor! :D

Anyway , today my post is about the nail that I am sporting. It came to us as a sample from our client as we were developing a promotional material for the same. It is the recently launched nail paint from Faces Canada - Ultime Pro Sand Coat. It is a part of the brand's professional range Ultime Pro.

The Sand Coat range has 8 beautiful sand textured shades - 4 solid shades and 4 glittery shade. Today I am wearing the shade Citrus Pie.

The Price is INR 399 and it is totally worth it girls!

Citrus Pie is an orangish glittery shade with little gold shimmer to it. The best part is it shows up different color in different lighting. In dim light it is a faint orange with gold shimmer & in bright light it is a bright coralish orange. Just cannot express in words how beautiful it looks.

Just to inform the bottle I have held is not the actual bottle. It is just for us to sample the product. It comes in similar type of bottle as Ultime Pro Nail Lacquer.

It is long lasting and does not chips off for a good one week.

The texture is as mentioned in the name itself Sandy. The rough glittery particles gives your nails a great look and your nails look international.

Also it is like your own nail art. Just one coat and you are done!

The bad part is I have to wait for a minute to see the effect coming on to my nails after it dries up.

A close look how the texture actually is...

Have you used the new Sand Coat from Faces? Let me know...

*It was a sample sent by client for official purposes and by no means I am trying to promote the brand and the brand has not asked or paid me for the post. My reviews are honest and unbiased.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Patanjali Aloevera Gel Review

Hi All,

Today I have a wonder product to review which gives medicinal as well as beauty benefits - The Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel.

Patanjali is a foundation of Baba Ramdev, as far as I know, where all herbal and ayurvedic things are produced for the better living of people.

Coming to aloevera, I can vouch for this product so much so, that I can blindly trust the benefits it renders. I had severe acne in my teens and I remember no medicine, no creams nothing worked on me. On top of that I had dark spots of those acne all over my face. My Kaku (uncle) asked me to use aloe vera gel and told me "dekh sayad kuch fayda ho". Trust me girls, within a month all blemishes, dark spots , acne disappeared just like that. And it also prevented my skin from future break outs. Since then I am a huge follower of Aloe gels, provided it comes from a good and trustworthy source/ brand.

Product Description

For Natural beauty, safety and useful for removal of pigmented spots. An ayurvedic property medicine.


Rs 75 for 150 ML. Just like the saying "Good things come in small packages"

My Experience

I have already mentioned my teen experience. Well this product does the same good to my skin. During summers it cools down my face. It also treats sun burns during summers. Although it is water based , it does not dries up my skin in winter and keeps my face moisturized and hydrated.

Since it is water based, oily skin beauties should not worry. Apply how much you want to :D

One can even use it as a base for makeup. Because I have seen people not using lotions or moisturizers before make up fearing it would make their face oily. In that case this is a great alternative.

It removes all dark spots. Trust me I have experience on this.

It gets absorbed onto skin very easily as it is formed of water. It is not at all greasy and very light weight. And no smell at all :D

It comes in a tubular packaging with flip open cap and transparent body. One can see the serene green gel inside and can also keep track of how much quantity is left.

This product has all those features that one needs and it should be carried by each and every girl in their bags. Thus, it is travel friendly too.

On the flip side, Aloe vera on its own has a negative side. One should not apply aloe vera gel and step out in the sun. It makes your skin tan and makes you look dark. So, try and use aloe vera during night before sleeping. So that it can work through out night and you wake up fresh!!


Have you ever used Aloe Vera gel? let me know your experience...

Monday, February 17, 2014

My Oriflame Haul - Blush & Brushes

Hi Girls!

I still remember the brand Oriflame being one such  brand which used to sell its product via direct marketing channels. It used to involve ladies who were generally homemakers, asking them to be there members and they in turn would sell their products. It guess it still continues to be the same. They never advertised on TV or print or radio. Neither their product used to be available at any store or online. One can get the products only through their members.

But as time passed by, the brand realized that to stand the growing competition they need to jump into more advertising and ground activities and PR. And yes now Oriflame can be purchased at physical stores and also a huge number of online store.

Recently I have been seeing bloggers writing about Oriflame products and the review has been moderately good. They have changed their product formulation and working towards better product developments. I mean that is great.

I was surfing through and found the Oriflame Blush- in Fresh Pink shade. Such was the image of the shade that I got hooked instantly and my heart started craving for it. I quickly added it to my cart. Soon after I got hold of two Professional Brushes from Oriflame - Blush Brush & Powder Blush. I wanted to add some brushes to my kitty and to my surprise these brushes were coming in pretty cheap. I just leaped onto it.


Original Price is INR 529. I got it online at INR 449

The name says it is Hot fresh pink but it more looks like a peachy pink. Anyway I just love it that way.


Original Price is INR 279. I got it for 249.


Original Price is INR 279. I got it for 249.

Oriflame Blush in Fresh Pink, Powder Blush & Blush Brush 

Let me know how did find the haul.....