Wednesday, January 29, 2014

FabIndia Charcoal Scrub - Review

Hi Everyone!

Since many days I was thinking to do a scrub post. I have been using many of them, finally the one that won the battle of "review-me-first" is the Fab India Charcoal Scrub.

To be very honest I was always a bit reluctant when it comes to use Fab India products. Not because I fear of bad products but I use to think that Fab is all about clothes and accessories. But After purchasing this product I am very sure they make really good and reliable products and I love their range of Pickles too :D

This is my first product from the Fab India Family. Let's get back to the review.

I always had wondered what is this activated charcoal made products when I had first seen the Pond's Charcoal Face wash ad. Later I came to know that activated charcoal helps in absorbing the most stringent of poisons and dirt and stings and what not. It removes pollution from skin also and helps keeping the skin fresh and rejuvenated. But yes the quantity used has to be monitored. One cannot use a thump of the charcoal or it will become harmful to you.

The same Logic has been used in this product of FabIndia. The Scrub is made up of few ingredients among which activated charcoal is the most essential one followed by Lemon grass and other herbs.

Product Description

Charcoal is known for its ability to absorb impurities. This scrub removes dirt and excess oil from the skin while gently exfoliating it.



INR 250 only for 100 ml. You can buy it from HERE

My Experience

The Charcoal scrub comes in a plastic tub container, which I find is the most irritating. After I lost my spatula I have to dip in my fingers and get the scrub out.

The scrub is dark grey in color due to presence of charcoal. Every time I open the cap I can smell the fresh fragrance of Lemon Grass which is so luring that I feel to gulp it down my throat. :P

It is not a very hard granulated scrub but it does its job wonderfully. It gives me a gentle exfoliation without breaking me out. The texture is a bit thick buttery texture. I thought the oils in it would revamp the acne on my combination skin. But it did not. It actually looks like one but it helps scrub and freshen up the face like magic.Removes my blackheads & whiteheads too.

The lemon grass presence gives me an immense satisfaction both due to smell and due to its anti-bacterial & anti-oxidant properties. It feels like I am giving my skin a lemon Spa (Aaaahhhhh)

I usually take a considerable amount on my palm and apply it on my face and neck. After I finish my scrubbing , I keep the black scrub onto my face for about 5 mins. This is my way to ensure that the Charcoal is doing its job. (it is in my mind :D)

The worst part is the face washing part. It sticks to my skin and after repeated wash it goes away. I like things which goes away in one wash, I do not like to spend time in front of the wash basin. Huh!!

Trust me people this product leaves my skin SQUEAKKYY clean. I feel suddenly I have turned into a white glowing fairy  :D   *hugs*

It does not leaves my skin dry at all and my skin feels fresh and awesome and clean. The glow remains on my face for a day or two max. (Wish it had been a little more). You can Buy the Product  HERE


After pat dry

Hi Fivez

1. Affordable
2. Availability
3. Does what it promises
4. Leaves skin glowing, clean, fresh
5. Removes dirt
6. To an extent removes makeup also
7. Nice smell of lemon grass

Low Fivez

1. Tub packaging - unhygienic
2. Oily texture
3. Sticks to the skin and sometimes too tedious to wash
4. Glow remains for a day or two max


4 out of 5

Re purchase

Sure. would gift one to my mom too :D

Have you ever used FabIndia Charcoal scrub? Let me know....

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Body Shop Haul - The Tea Tree Range

Sale Sale Sale!

Why this month happens to be a SALE month all over.. Why Why Why?
I am not being dramatic. I just can not stop shopping and my savings are just going to the guns..huh

I just can not resist myself to avail the Sale discounts...Dil hai ki maanta nahi  :(

Today I just plunged into The Body Shop sale and swam to the bank with the complete range of the Tea Tree product family. 

The devil behind the purchase was the Rs 500 voucher that the PP had given me on my birthday. I had to redeem it , and it was supposed to be the best time for it.

I got hold of the Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub, Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser, Tea Tree Blemish fade Night lotion and the Soap Chocolate which comes in a cute little heart shape (there is a story behind it)

Not that I have blemishes on my skin, but Tea Tree is supposed to be a great cleaning agent and it helps in dismissing all the black marks or spots , blemishes from skin. Thus the haul.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser

The actual price is INR 795, I got it for INR 675

Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub

The actual price is INR 795, I got it for 675

Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion

The price is 895, I got it for 760

Soap Chocolate

The Price was INR 175

This one I actually got it for free. The Store manager billed me for two lotions instead of the scrubber. When I asked him to re bill , he told its against the policy. I Said "Dude I am not exchanging products. It was your mistake. I am not going to pay more. " So he adjusted everything in the bill and this came for free.

I have decided. This is surely going to my mom. She will love the heart  <3

And on top of the discounts I got to redeem my INR 500 gift voucher. So I just shelled out around INR 1600 for the complete range and a free product (I mean that is a huge steal)

All thanks to the PP who's intelligence I have to admire for giving me the voucher :D

Will review all the products soon....

Let me Know how did you like the haul...what did you shop in this SALE season?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Lass Naturals Pomegranate & Grapes Soap Free Face Wash

Believe me Ladies!

This is one such brand that I simply adore and just love- Lass Naturals

The day I have started using their products, I just could not get enough of it. From lip balms to hair oils to shampoo to face wash to Lotions everything is just a wow product.

Today I have a wonder Face wash which has become my love now- the Pomegranate and Grape Face wash with scrub.

There are so many products in the market which claim to have cleansing and scrubbing properties in a single product. This one stands tall to that claim.

Product Description

1. Face wash with scrub
2. Exfoliation & Age reversal
3. Paraben , SLES & Pathalets Free
4. 100% soap free, mild foaming face wash
5. Leaves skin smooth and glowing
6. Pomegranate works as anti ageing and revitalizes skin and grapes unclogs pore, gently exfoliates and removes dead cells and black heads
7. Leaves a layer of protection on skin, protection from pollution and gives a moisturizing effect


INR 105 for 100 gm.


All Natural & Ayurvedic

My Experience

This face wash comes in a tubular packaging with flip open cap. The pack is sweet pink in color. The product inside is again pink in color which has soft white beads which are supposed to be the granules for scrubbing. The smell is so mild and tempting that I once felt to gulp it down like an Ice- Cream. :D

When applied on skin, the smell goes and I can feel the white beads effect of mild scrubbing on the skin. It feels as if little pomegranate is bursting on my skin. (hehheh)

The product is more like gel than a runny liquid. A pea size amount of the face wash does the work. And thus my product stays for long and long. Once I tried opening my eyes in between and it did not burn my eyes. That is so cool!

I have used it in summers as well as in winters. It actually does not rip off the moisture from the face. In winter when the skin tends to dry, my skin was super soft with no flakes on my face. It is justt soooo supaa amazingly wonderful. I feel I have applied some balm on my face. It is that good.

I have seen it removing my makeup too. That is even more greater.

As far as the scrubbing part is concerned, it does a mild scrubbing for everyday use. As we all know we can scrub our face twice or maximum thrice a week, we can use this product which actually is so mild as a scrubber that it does not harm our facial skin.

In short I have no bad to talk about the product. It is a complete winner. And I feel I am going to use it for life  :D

Hi Fivez

1. Everything - from price to features to makeup removing effect to scrubbing and what not

Low Fivez

1. No physical store. One has to order online from their website
2. Not apt for strong scrubbing



10 out of 5 (hehe)

Re purchase

Ofcourse  all my life

Have you used Lass Naturals Face Wash? Let me know....

What's In My Bag?

Watzup Girls!

As I have mentioned before in  my bag haul posts that I got this huge bag from Forever New in a 50% off Sale. Since then I have been carrying the sweety religiously to my work.

You can see my Haul post (HERE)

Today I am going to share what all are there in my bag this week. Well I have decided from now on I am going to share every week what I am carrying in my bag.

Lets get started.....

I carry things like Deo, Spects, Shades, Comb, Compact, Lippie, Lip balm and etc.....

Lets come to those one by one....

1. My anti glare spects - which protects my eyes from the harsh laptop (uff dramatic)
2. My Favorite Milky bar - give me the power  (hehe) . These days I cannot resist my sweet toooth.
3. The Body Shop Lip Balm - Plum (will review soon)
4. A comb - for sudden meetings
5. And yes my Green tea bag

6. Maybelline Dream Matte Powder - My best pal these days. It keeps all the oils at bay
7. Inglot Lipstick - in orchid color (will review soon)
8. Maybelline Baby Lips - Berry Crush
9. Lass Cosmetics Lip Balm - Peach and Apricot
10. Clutchers

11. Deodorant from POLICE

12. Lavender Body Lotion from The Nature's Co.
13. My cool shades from the FASTRACK

Is that too much I carry? But I have seen people with more stuff  :D

Let me know what do you carry everyday in your bag....

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Blusher V/S bronzer : A difference

What a day it was!

All I am not referring to any activity. When ever I get a chance to shop cosmetics I have supaa it for myself or for work purpose.

Yes babes I buy cosmetics for work purpose also. Since I am into advertising I work on a cosmetic brand too...isn't it great?

What ever I bought so many BB and CC creams today for my work and guess what I applied each one of them. And I also helped my colleagues wear some. I was like the supaa expert in the office. Or you can term it as beauty assistant doing swatches on the wrists of other girls. hahahaha!! Wish I could bring back home all those :(

Focus Focus!

So today I thought of educating you...yes you heard it right EDUCATION. Educating you all on what is the difference between a BLUSHER & a BRONZER

I know some of you already know , but the maximum number of people (when I say people that means girls) are still confused on what is the difference and how can they be applied.
I have seen ladies going to the store to buy blush , but under the influence of the pushy SAs or BAs they come out with a bronzer thinking both are same and will do the same job.

Not any more ladies. I will give you the answers to it...

Blush: Well it is used to give the apple of your cheeks a natural pinkish glow and a red flush effect.Blush comes in different shades ranging from Pink, orange, plum. Blushes are used to bring out the cheekbones.

Bronzer:  It is generally used to give your skin a sun tan look and yes sometimes it is also used to contour your face wherein the main features of your face is highlighted. Bronzer generally comes in brown shades. Bronzers are applied in other areas of the face as in forehead, Nose, beneath the cheek. The main purpose of the bronzer is to add an overall glow to the face. It is used in areas to mimic the look of the natural tan where the sun would hit. A bronzer is applied to bring out a person's natural angles and often provide a slimming effect.

In which order one should use both?

First use the bronzer and then blush. Use bronzer slightly under the cheekbone to contour, may be a little on top of cheekbone, a soft one on the forehead and on the T of the nose.

Then you can add blush to the cheekbone

Can they be used together?

Yes, applying together can give the face a natural finish.

Which one is better - a matte bronzer or a shimmer?

You should use matte bronzer for contouring and shimmer bronzer to give a glamour to the face.

Which one is better - cream blush or powder blush?

Cream blush gives a soft natural glow with a dewy flush finish but the staying power is not that good.
Powder blush gives a budge proof look.

Have a look how a blush is applied.

Have a look how a bronzer is applied

Let me know which how do you use bronzer and blusher...

*I am not a trained makeup expert. Some thoughts are completely mine and some are researched based. All images are taken from google but not from any personal blog.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Deborah Milano 24ORE Perfect Foundation - 03 Caramel Beige

Hi all the lovely ladies !

It's been a while I was looking for a daily wear foundation which I can wear it for my work and ofcourse which is less expensive. I was honestly looking for the Maybelline foundation as it is comparatively cheap. But damn the store, the tester was available but not the sealed product huh!

Anyway after doing some "idhar udhar" around the store I went to the Deborah counter, though I had searched for the same foundation online , but it was expensive in compare to the purpose of my getting a foundation.

But to my surprise the store was on SALE and I got a huge discount.

So lured by the discounted price I got the Deborah Milano 24 ORE Perfect Foundation in the shade 03 Caramel Beige.

Product Description

Foundation with a silky texture for a sheer, velvetty smooth finish. Formulated with power stay compex for amazingly long wear without touch-ups. Beat shine without creating a masky effect. Suitable for all skin types. SPF 10. Hypoallergenic.


It was INR 1020 but I got it for INR 800


It comes in a transparent glass bottle with a transparent cap and beneath that there is black pump cap with nozzle. From there exact amount of foundation comes out. So no wastage.

My Experience.

Every bit of the claims of the product is true. Since I use it for office and have to attend meetings through out and some times long nights in the office, the foundation does not fades. It stays intact God knows for how many long hours.

It gives a medium coverage and does not makes a cast on my face so much so that none of my colleague can spot that I am wearing a foundation. It looks like my natural skin with a glow and without any spots on my face. It is absolutely shine free. But yes I use a compact to settle the foundation and increase the longetivity of the shine free property.

A little bit of the product goes a long way. I just take a pea size amount on my palm and it covers my whole face. In my swatch I have taken too much of the amount. Trust me it is like a moisturizer and needs only a pea size. I am amazed.

It goes on and on for long hours. blending is super easy and it just gets absorbed in my skin and feel so natural. It is a true match to my skin. and I am sure the lesser the amount it takes , the product will go a long way and I will not feel that my pocket has been taxed. :D


My Actual Skin

Hi Fivez
1. Easy availability
2. Good for daily wear
3. No cakey or masky feel
4. Little amount does the work
5. Good packaging, No wastage
6. Travel friendly
7. Matte and Shine free
8. No touch ups
9. Smoothness
10. Gets absorbed into skin easily

Low Fivez

1. Lesser SPF
2. Not sure about the moisturizing property of it. I usually use a moisturizer beneath.
3. Pocket heavy


4.75/5 (.25 minus because of lesser SPF. Wish it had more as in for Indian Summers so that I did not have to use moisturizers and sun screen beneath)


Yes, but once the currently bottle gets over :P

Let me know what foundation you use for daily wear 

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