Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bag Haul from FOREVER NEW...

My Birthday week has never been so excited...

After all my surprise gifts from the PP, it seems one of my loved brand has decided to gift me something very special.

Well I am talking about the Forever New Sale where the whole store was on 50% sale on accessories and 40% on clothing & shoes.

We have recently got a Forever New store opened in our office premises in DLF Galleria.

One of my colleagues, informed me about the Sale. That day I was not on heavy work load so thought of giving it a visit keeping in mind that I will only buy one bag and that too for office and meetings purposes.

When I went to the store, I found the store to be swamped with ladies (quite obvious during sale periods)

I spent 45 mins picking up bags and looking into the mirror which one suits me the best. And eventually I liked one bag which was actually being bought by my same colleague who told me about the sale :P ( then & there I texted her "sorry But I could not resist taking that bag hahaha)

The actual joy of surprise came to me when the item was billed. From 3600 INR to 1795 only. Now that is what a girl loves about the sale and that is what a great deal is.

Last month I saw the same bag but 3800 seemed quite a bit at that time. (God is always looking after my desires it seems :D)

Well I was content after getting the bag , when in the evening some more colleagues decided to go again. And  quite obvious I could not resist myself going there.

This time I was helping my colleague picking up a bag, when this animal printed bag came to my notice, which I saw during my visit but I ignored as I was looking for a bigger bag.

You can Buy bags from HERE

I was so mesmerized by the prints that I could not resist myself picking up that bag too and the price is a steal INR 3400 discounted to  INR 1700 only.

Whooo the year is ending on a good note for me it seems with lots of gifts, nice bags, clothes and I hope more to come before the year ends  :D

Do you all like the bag haul? Let me Know..

My Birthday Gifts ....

Hi Girls!

I am so excited to show you what all I got this year on my birthday!

The gifts are being chosen so thoughtfully that I could not stop smiling. Every time I take the gifts out from the wardrobe and keep fidgeting with it.

Thanks to the PP who conceived all the gift ideas so apt for me as now I am into beauty blogging.

Apart from all the cakes and everything, The PP got me stuffs that have so grabbed my attention that I can't stop thanking him :D

To start with , he got me three fashion junkie hippie neck-pieces from his recent trip to Goa. Well , technically I told him to bring those :P, but the choice was absolutely his  and I am just loving these  :D

Then in the evening he brought out an envelope from his bag and handed over to me. It looked to me like a movie ticket or some adventure sports voucher. But when I opened it I jumped out of extreme Joy...A BodyShop Voucher....I mean that is just wow....Darling you have started to know what I am loving these days. PP told me "Dear I thought and thought but could not figure out which lipstick to buy for you. The safest option I got was to give you a gift voucher. Apne pasand ka shade le lena"...awww that is so smart and thoughtful  :D

And the next two gifts were just so apt for the summers of 2014..The Tribal printed waist coat ... I have figured out how to wear..probably on top of a nice white kurta and the green dress is just fabulous...Hats off to the PP for his choice of color and design..  (maska marke khe khe khe )

I quickly wore the dress for my birthday outing :D

And the very last gift which actually had blown my mind was saved for the last by the PP...I thought he was proposing for marriage with a ring (ha ha ha ha), which actually turned out be Swarovski Emerald earrings and pendant set  (now thats something which any girl would love <3)

Hope you all liked my little birthday presents

Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Little Weekend HAUL


My Weekend Haul comprises of a Henna Oil , Chocolate & Honey Lip Balm and Pomegranate & Grapes face wash  and a foot care cream from my current favorite brand LASS. And yes my regular conditioner L'oreal Total Repair 5 and the L'oreal Color protect Shampoo.

Chocolate & honey Lip balm INR 65/- only

Pomegranate & grapes Face Wash INR 105/-

Henna Oil INR 235/-

Foot Care Cream INR 95/-

L'oreal shampoo INR 69/- and Conditioner INR 135/-

 Will review each of these products soon..Very soon...By the way it is birthday time...Hopefully my next HAUL post will include more of makeup..lippies..blushes, shadows and foundation..yupieeee!!



Eyebrows!! The most expressive and one of the sexiest facial features of all the lovely ladies and same goes for men as well. But ladies...going for eyebrow shaping and trimming every month is a pain!! For me it literally brings tears and all thanks to my extra thick hairs. But on a positive note, nicely shaped eyebrows of a lady can actually grab eyeballs of both men and women. Aren't we all envious of sexy siren Deepika aka Leela's thick long arched eyebrows??  I am personally a huge fan of thick busy ones. But alas! all the beauty parlors I visited disappointed me as they either change the shape or make them thin. Errhh.... So after all these years of struggle I got something which says "Your wish is my command" and its good name is Remington's Smooth & Silky Detail Trimmer. It caught my eyes which checking stuffs on Fashion&

About the product

Remington is a US based worldwide personal care corporation which manufactures razors, epilators and haircare products for both men and women since 1937. This trimmer removes stray hairs from eyebrows and other small areas like nose, face, ears. But in my opinion, it works best for eyebrows and facial hair removal. It gives the impression of a pen which comes with this cute cap and it has this zero figure  as well. We Indians love that extra panipuri which the panipuriwala gives us for freeee. Yes, your hunger pangs for free items will satiate by seeing this Varta Alkaline battery  along with the trimmer. But you will be a lil confused at first as to where you will have to insert this and to add to your worries, the manual carries no images with the  instructions for the battery set up. 

I am successful in discovering it.. Just follow these steps
First grip the lower end of the trimmer and pull it downwards. It will open exactly the way you open the cap of a pen.
Next, put the battery in this given place
Now, close it with a slight pressure from  bottom just to assure it makes a slight sound and it is closed properly.

There is this small key with On inscribed on top which when pushed up gets ready for use and it makes  a continuous humming sound which means its saying' Ma'am your order please" .

Now, if you want to shape and trim your eyebrows which I did, just select which eyebrow to go first and pull the skin on top of  that part with one hand and hold the trimmer with the other slightly inclined say at 45 degree angle and start pressing gently to the direction opposite to the point of the hairs. Refer to the picture below:


This works fantastically! This removes all your unwanted hairs with ease and without that ouch!!! Also, there is this eyebrow comb with two length options to change the shape of your eyebrows. The user manual tells you how. But as I wanted to keep my bushy ones intact, I put the comb to rest for lifetime. This baby brush helps you to wipe off those discarded hairs and there is no need to use hands or towel. 

In short, I must say I am not only impressed with the look of the product but also with the A one service it provides. I was so happy that I couldn't stop myself but to use it on my mother's eyebrows too ,who though being a typical ma who says Why-waste-money, was happy I got it and prayed that it lasts longgggg..


I was happy to shell out INR 899  for my fake pen


1. Stylish sleak look
2. Effective
3. Works as per your wish
4. It rubbishes the saying "No pain no gain". There is actually 100% gain with zero pain, cuts or scratches
5. Feather weight and easy to use
6. If all the above points haven’t yet convinced you then there is 2 years of guarantee will definitely can’t restrict you than to grab it


Its just that the manual doesn't contain pictures along with the instructions of usage which makes it a lil problem and creates confusion at the first go.

My Verdict
I Couldn't have been more happier as it has solved a big problem of mine and I'm sure,  all you ladies out there will definitely want to keep a sexy sleak beautician right in your pursues who will keep that very beautiful feature of your always shaped, trimmed and attractive
Deeps and Piggy Chops, we aren't very far away....

About the Writer:

A PR professional from Kolkata, whose soul is in dance and loves to capture moments and meet new people to discover new tastes, interests and styles. I kind of use and experiment with new cosmetic products and keep reading about skincare, haircare and most importantly how to apply right make up, as in this section am still a novice. As, I like to invest my time and energy in something which I love, here I am to share , know and have fun with all you lovely lasses...

Lovely Review Anwesha and thanks for sharing it with us… Do tell me girls what do you do to get off those unwanted eyebrow hair. Visit a Salon or Use a trimmer?